Thursday, September 17, 2015

Curse you, real life!

Real life had to take priority for quite a bit there.  School has started, which means usual craziness that happens for September and October before everything really settles down.

I have been painting - in fact, I have finished 17 Risen since my last post, which is something.  (Heck, it's about as many models as I finished last year, but that is beside the point.)

(It's a lousy cell phone pic, but they are done, sealed and based.  I need to go back an add arc markings, but that's a rainy afternoon kind of project - the sort of thing I do right before AdeptiCon or something.)

I don't have a pic, but I recently replaced my airbrush (cheap learning model), and have been doing quick base colors on a bunch of Mantic Elves.  I backed Kings of War earlier this year, and part 1 of my pledge has arrived.  Sadly, most of it was for other people in my FLGS - my real army does not arrive until late this year, so until then, it's elves and proxy basing.

I've also been working on some Infinity models (USAriadna), and since I have joined a Malifaux league, I need to start painting my Ten Thunders as well.  Most of them are primed, so its really just a matter of actually starting them to get me going. 

Plus, I have some more terrain pieces in the works.  I am in the process of building the master copy, so I can make a mold, and then churn some of them out.  I am also working on a board for a Breast Cancer Brawl event, and an Infinity board for a special event.  The latter two are still in the planning stages, but the BCB board needs to be done by this time next month or so, so I should be starting it next week.