Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Two more assembled

I really like the playstyle of Convergence, and I like the finished models.  But man, sometimes that excess flash and mold lines is a real pain.  Two more Obstructors moved to priming earlier today, which means that I have 3 of the 20 of them actually assembled.  And none of the Reductors.  Still, it's progress, right?

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Did anything get done today?

Yes.  Yes, it did.  I got my solo primed, as well as ten or so bases.  I also got 4 40mm bases ready for painting, and should be able to start working on them tonight.  If I can get those done, there is really no reason not to finish up a couple of models that have been almost done for a month, waiting only really for those bases.

Progress continues on the obstructors.  One unit how has fully assembled head & torso combos, and are about half on legs.  I should have half of the full unit assembled later tonight, if I can get down there and work on them for a while.  Forgot that I have a short trip planned for this weekend, but I still aim to have close to 20 of the 41 models trimmed, assembled and primed before Saturday night.

Monday, October 28, 2013

The blerch

Okay, so I am swiping the concept from The Oatmeal.  I could apply it to running, but in this case, I am thinking more of gaming.  I have done jack, more or less, since my last post, at the beginning of the month.  I could offer all sorts of justifications, but the reality is that, at best, they are little more than excuses.  I could have found some way to carve out 10-15 minutes per day to work on things, I just didn't do it.

Now, thew good news is that, until the other day, my collection also had not grown any in that time period.  But on Saturday, I picked up four new Convergence units (two each of Obstructors and Reductors), as well as a Dispersion Optifex.  Ooof.  41 new figs, and I have done nothing.

So, during the down time on Saturday (I was running a steamroller tourney, so once the rounds were underway, I had some spare time), I tried to get some stuff done.  I took stuff to paint, but instead, I spent time working on models (and goofing off, sadly - though watching the games was fun, I must confess).  I have managed to get all of 1 (one, single, only, etc) model assembled of that group, though I have close to 10 of them somewhere along the assembly process.  I hope to have at least half of them assembled and primed by this weekend - and, if I do not, I should be roundly mocked.  I have an event on the 9th that I am going to attend, and yes, I am taking my Convergence, and probably losing (missing too much of the toolbox units), but I want to make a good showing of having my stuff assembled, primed, and well into the process of painting.

The Blerch can suck it, because I have an x-acto knife, superglue and primer - and I am not afraid to use them.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Got something done

But no pics to prove it.  The Prime Axiom is slowly being assembled, and I hope to start priming parts of it by tomorrow or Tuesday.  I got a storm troll assembled, and he can be primed tomorrow.  I'll even take a pic of him to prove it.   I haven't painted anything yet today, but I did spend a fair amount of time cleaning up my gaming crap in the basement, and even sat at the desk and thought about painting - so that should count for something, right?

I really need to start thinking about AdeptiCon and other cons next year.  I liked the idea of using a con to force me to field a fully painted army, and plan on doing it again in 2014.  I just don't know what Convergence models will be out by then - if enough are out, my CoC stuff might be competitive (not in my hands, mind - in the hands of someone better.)  If most of my tools are not yet released, then I will have a problem doing better than my miserable showing this year.

Nothing in almost a month

But that's because I did not game for almost a month.  No miniatures, no RPGs, etc.  I barely painted. Too much Real Life on my plate, and not enough time for goofing off with my hobbies.  But, things are easing up, and I have picked up both brush and dice again (though not at the same time).  I have done some painting over this last week, and even got in a game with my Convergence yesterday.  (I lost.  My opponent left an opening for an assassination, and I could not roll a 10 on either of the 3d6 attacks.  If I had hit him with one, he was dead.)

I did pick up some DeepWars models, and have been cleaning out the basement of junk, so there is that.  And I do plan on doing more painting today - I have so many almost-finished models that it makes me vaguely ill, since I have a bunch more coming soon, and need to clear the space.