Sunday, June 30, 2013

No pics, but . . .

While it may be a little frustrating at the time, going through the Reaper Bones Kickstarter order and checking off all the miniatures is a satisfying way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Friday, June 28, 2013

They're here.

This says it better, actually:

Right now, the box looms there, lurking on the chair, smirking at me with the temptations and frustrations of several hundred miniatures.  Not sure if I should open it now, or take it to gaming tonight and open it there. .  .

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A quick vassal game

Got in a quick game tonight, testing 15 pts of Convergence against 15pt of Trolls on Vassal.  I was running:

Elimination Servitors


Thumper Crew

It wasn't pretty.  I ceded going first, and he got up onto some elevated terrain.  Behind the rock wall, and elevation, Gunnbjorn was extremely difficult to hit.  I pegged him, but not enough to kill him.  I tried for the assassination via range, and failed.  For my efforts, he put a rock wall behind Syntherion, blew him into it with Explosivo, and then did very nasty things to the Cyriss caster with the bomber.

Fun quick game though.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Oh happy day

Gone for a few hours, and checked email to see:

Hi there! We're shipping out your Kickstarter stuff!

You're getting:
Kickstarter Sophie x1
C'thulhu x1
Kaladrax Reborn x1
Nethyrmaul x1
Clockwork Dragon x1
Figure Case x1
vampire x1

Should be here Friday. I'm running an IK game on Friday, and a WM event on Saturday, so I won't get to do much with them until Sat night or Sunday.

Collection digression

I should have some Convergence test pics up later today, but in the meantime. . . .

This is from a facebook discussion, where the original question was asked:
Discussion topic: How do you guys decide it's time to part ways with an army? Have you felt that you have too much stuff, and it would be nice to have less, or use excess stuff to fund another project? How to choose, how to choose? Do you follow any personal guidelines in turning over your forces for something new?
My answer (predictably, as the Army Altaholic) was:
I see those words, but do not understand them. Kidding aside - until I give up on WM/H entirely, I am not giving up any of my armies. I've done it before, and then a mere 6 months later, decided that I wanted to play [X] again, and had to start from scratch. (I have pared down my GW stuff, but I keep some in reserve, in case of a move, since it is slightly easier to find a GW game and WM/H)
 A bit later, I clarified, because someone asked how I decided which GW armies to pare down:
For GW - for 40k, I kept Marines, Orks and (b/c they came in the last set) Chaos. All three are staples, don't change so much that my figs won't be any good, and all should stick around with edition changes. For WFB, I have Skaven and Orcs for the same reason, and though I don't now that Ogres will stay in future editions, it's a small model count army, so if I ever start painting them again, it's easy to finish, and a nice change from the other horde armies.
 The consensus was that, in general, you should get rid of an army either when you know that you are unlikely to ever play that army again in the future, or when you divest yourself of a game system entirely.  For example, when I got rid of my Chronopia stuff last year, I got rid of all of it.  Everything that I could find, all in one fell swoop.  It is possible that I have a rulebook or something still floating around, or perhaps an odd figure that I missed, but I tried to get all of it.  I might do the same thing with another game or two that I have - ones that I have not played in over a decade, and am unlikely to ever play again, since they pretty much require an already-existing group of players.

I have toyed with the idea of getting rid of a couple of Malifaux crews - ones that I did not paint, and have thought about stripping.  I'd be trading them for different crews - essentially, an army swap.  I do that from time to time, but mainly at the battlebox level - once I have a certain critical mass invested in an army, it becomes a lot less likely to go.

Comments from any of my (irregular) readers?

Friday, June 21, 2013

404 Error - witty title not found

So, here is a random update on some things:

Convergence - the three lights that I have are basically assembled.  The two from the battlebox are primed in black, and awaiting the results of a color test before proceeding.  The Cipher has been assembled (as much as it will be), primed black, and is the object of my color test.  The reflex servitors have been primed and are undergoing color test as well.  I am also looking at various basing ideas for my clockwork minions.

Wild West Exodus - they keep releasing renders of the models.  Looking forward to this one, but it can take its time getting here.  I have lots of figs staring at me with wide, metal eyes, and I don't need the extra guilt.

Super Dungeon Explore - I really need to start working on putting those figs together and painting them.  They look like they will be a lot of fun.

Malifaux - a couple of guys at the FLGS have expressed an interest in it.  My Ten Thunders are painted, but I should probably try and get a second crew put together and painted.

Reaper Bones - well, mine haven't shipped yet, but Reaper is shipping again, and shipping close to 750 orders per day.  They'll show up fairly soon - though I am not expecting them before the end of the month.

Relic Knights - as far as I know, these are still on track.  I have three factions coming (Speed Circuit, Black Diamond, Noh), but they are delayed until Turkey day or so, and that's fine by me. 

Rivet Wars - still on track for the tail end of this year, and that's fine.  I'll paint them, they look fun, but I don't need the extra stuff right now.

MERCS - I really should sit down for a couple of afternoons and finish some squads.  It's only five models per squad, so I don't have much of an excuse.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Great Work has run into a snag.

My Cipher appear to be missing one of  the spikes for the piston spikes.  Not to worry - I have a heavy kit, and I think that I will have at least one dedicated model of each heavy.  So, since I wasn't planning on magnetizing that kit, I cannibalized that part.  The Cipher is thus almost as assembled as the one shown at the beginning of the painting guide in NQ 48.  I won't be using the studio scheme, most likely, but now that I have the models in hand, I think I will only do partial assembly en route to getting them fully painted.

The Galvanizer and Mitigator are in process of assembly.  I figure, if I have the buzzsaw attached to one, they can be told apart, which will suffice for tomorrow night.  I might try to pull the Diffuser out and get it started, if time permits.

The reflex servitors are ready for priming, but really, they are one-piece little metal balls.  I took a break and cleaned them up when plastic mold lines were getting to me.  I have several more packages, so I have several more opportunities to teak a break.

Still need to decide what heavy I want to make with the kit.  I have Axis, so Inverter seems like a good choice, but I love the thought of the ellipsaw flinger on the monitor.  I may flip a coin or something - though I will have the other within 6 weeks or so.

The Great Work, continued

Okay, so nothing is finally assembled yet.  The mold lines, while not great, are not as bad as I feared, but there a lot to clean, and a lot of tiny parts.  The Cipher is possibly 60% trimmed, and I think I have everything identified.  Syntherion is assembled to the point of being a torso, so at least he is identifiable.  The two lights are sorted, but not really started.

Tomorrow should go better. 

I hope.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Great Work begins!

My Convergence stuff is here.  No more theory-machining for me, no more reading spoilers and blank text on forums - nope, I am reading my book.  And yes, one of the first things I checked was the PP copyright violators notice - they're always different, and always fun to read.

Tonight, I want to get my battlebox put together, if not more.  I have heard that there are mold lines aplenty, although a quick glance did not see anything so bad as the fenblades.  With any luck, my first real game with them comes on Thursday.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Almost home

I've been gone for the past week or so, and gaming was not involved in any way.  But, while I have done no gaming, if I can trust the USPS tracking system, I have a package of Convergence figs showing up on my doorstep tomorrow.  And I just got a notice that my Reaper Bones order (from the Kickstarter) should be packed soon, with shipping to follow immediately. They sent the "Is this still your address? email, which means it should be packed and shipped sometime this week.

Unfortunately, next weekend will have no gaming, but I do hope to squeeze in a game or two on Thursday night.  After that, things should return to normal, more or less - summer always makes gaming a little iffy, but I'll take what I can get.  I'll definitely be able to start getting some practice in with Syntherion, Axis and Aurora.  The other two will follow as soon as possible.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Went dark for a bit

The end of the school year is always pretty busy, this year even more so.  Coupled with the fact that I have not been doing any gaming, and the impetus to post new content just was not there.  I probably won't be posting much for the next week (family stuff, nothing bad, but just no time), but I thought I should give some sort of update for my irregular readers.

First off, as I said before, I am getting some Convergence of Cyriss stuff.  How much?  Well, this stuff should be arriving on my doorstep before too long:

 Elim Servtrs
Reflex Srvtrs
Attune Svtr
Clockwork Angel
Accret Srvtr
Hvy Jack box
FOWM CoC soft cover

It's a solid start, but yeah, I'm going to want more.  The Prime Axoim is just kewl, and I know that Aurora is going to want a couple of units of Angels for her list, but it is certainly enough for me to hit the ground running.  Unless something about them really does not work for me, I think I have found a primary army for the next couple of years.  And that's a good thing.