Thursday, August 28, 2014

A total lack of motivation

I haz it.  I have some new shinies, but almost no motivation to actually do anything.  It might be because USPS lost some rules and models that I traded to get.  It could be because it's the end of summer, and things are a little crazy around here.  It could be that I just haven't played many games lately - as in, almost none since AdeptiCon, in any system.

I just don't feel like painting or assembling things. I am looking at changing from Convergence, and hoping that switching factions will jump-start my creative desire, and I'll start painting again.  But I know that I really won't have any chance to play until almost the end of September.

I don't know.  Maybe I should just commit to painting something, anything, for 15 minutes per day.  Maybe just getting back into the habit will help.  Probably won't hurt, right?

Thursday, August 21, 2014

New shinies!

Between mail, and meeting up with friends, today I added:

Battletech Introductory set (which adds a few more minis)
Terran Dreadnaught for FSA
Longstreet and a deck of the cards for it
DBA armies - Norse Irish, Feudal English, Anglo-Danish, Norse Viking, Theban
30 Union soldiers
30 Confederate soldiers

Blighted Ale Ram mug and shirt.

Tomorrow, I think I have some more FSA models arriving, and hopefully the new FoW rules will be arriving soon.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

No GenCon swag

since I did not go, but I do have some gaming goodies en route to me anyway.  Thanks to a ninja, and the nice folks at Privateer, I have the Ram mug, shirt, Ram pins and the bather model all either coming to me via mail or being picked up later this week.

I also have the new FoW rules on their way, plus some other assorted goodies (not sure what - he tossed them in as a bonus.)  They're coming with some Germans, but those are going to a friend.

I have several hundred bases coming from Litko.  Someday, someday, I will have a laser of my very own, and will simply cut a few hundred bases whenever I need them, but until then, I will have to buy them from time to time.

I need the bases because I have a copy of Longstreet coming, plus about 60 infantry.  I plan on using proxy bases and growing this slowly, since it is not a main game for our group.  That same shipment will also have five or six DBA armies.  I don't play DBA, but I paint them, and that works for me.

I have some more Firestorm Armada stuff coming - basic Terrans and Dindrenzi.  I really need to finish more of what I have before they arrive.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Thank goodness sumer is almost over.

No, I haven't posted in weeks.  I had Scout camp, then a couple days at home, and then 10 days (and better than 2000 miles) worth of road trip.  Sadly, GenCon did not figure into that at all.

But, I am back at home, summer is almost over (so the kids go back to school soon), I have plenty of plasticard on order, a cutter, a few building designs, and a bunch of credit at a game store.  September should be a nice relaxing time.

By relaxing, I mean completing designs on a dozen buildings and making at least one well-assembled copy of each, painting up a bunch of 15mm Soviets and Germans, maybe buying some 15mm ACW figs (thanks to a Gettysburg visit), and painting up several FSA fleets.  Actually, that does sound kind of relaxing. . . .