Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Swamp bases & Gators

After several fits & starts, I finally finished up a couple of the Gatorman Posse. Now that I know what I want to do with these, I should be able to knock out the two full units in short order, if I were to actually sit down and work on them*. Again, sorry about the poor quality of the pictures, but the basement is a pretty bad place for taking pictures.

* It's not snark. In addition to working on those, and some Pygs, I have been working on some giant rats for my Skaven, some 40k Ork Boyz, Discordia, and a Phoenix. Oh, and I need to finish stripping some Gun Mages, so I can reprime them and start doing them in Fort Falk grey. . . .

Monday, August 29, 2011

Not much to say today

I might have more tonight or tomorrow, but I did not get much painting done this weekend, and, frankly, most of what I painted were bases. I did get some WFB Skaven assembled and primed, and did some work on some Pyg Burrowers, but just not a lot of time down in the basement painting for the past few days - too much gaming going on.

On the FLGS note - it looks like my FLGS will finally be able to stock Warmahordes. He has apparently been having some trouble with his current distributor, and I think I found him an alternative. I gave him the info on Saturday, and I should know on Thursday or Saturday if he can start ordering stuff. If he can, I figure I will order a couple of things right then, to get the ball rolling, and hopefully he will start carrying at least a copy of Prime and some battleboxes in stock. He also said that the Journeyman League sounded like a good idea, so we might be doing that.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Terrain for trade

Not sure how much traffic I really get, but meh - I think I will establish a trade category now anyway, just for future use.

I made this stuff for a game store some time ago. Unfortunately, most of his current customers are CCG players, so it has come back to me. I don't want it in the basement, so it's coming here. If you need additional pics, let me know.

Wizard Tower – link to pic

Octagon Tower – link to pic

Defensive Walls – link to pic

Craters – link to pic

Hills (flat) – link to pic

Hills (beveled) – link to pic

Dungeon – link to pic

I have a fairly ridiculous amount of the hills – probably several hundred, if I included ones which are not yet finished. All the Hirst arts stuff was poured using ultracal 30. I made this as a fairly quick project, so some pieces may have bubbles visible.

The buildings I can generally sell for $30 USD or so, the dungeon $60 USD to $75, and the other stuff about $5 USD each (the hills for a bit less, depending on how big they are). If you don't like those prices – make a counter offer.

I am looking for cash (most versatile), but would consider trades for Warmahordes figs (just lmk what you have), Heavy Gear (especially Arena or 2-player stater), 40k or WFB forces (mainly interested in NIB, but you never know – LMK what you have!), 15mm DBA armies (pref. Essex), or Hail Caesar! Heck, I might take ACW, 15mm Nappies, Nappy naval, etc. .

Gaming and pragmatism

So, on a semi-regular basis, I have been making the trek to a FLGS on Thursdays. Thursdays is generally their Warhammer night, and I am trying to get people to consider adding Warmachine or Hordes to their game rotation. As a practical matter, this means that my Thursdays will probably be spent playing 40k or WFB and making small talk about other systems for the better part of half a year, while also trying to drum up people for Saturdays (which is our designated WM slot.)

FWIW - the store owner is fine with me coming in to play on Thursdays, in part because I do buy paints, brushes, etc, even if I have not been buying WFB or 40k stuff. But, since my GW stuff is a little lacking, I'll probably wind up buying some Skaven or Orks in the next few months, just because I happen to be playing 40k on a Thursday night instead of WM.

40k may not be my game of choice, but I will probably get more people to add WM if I am seen playing both games as well.

Pics from the PG app

Realized that I never did post these. Poor quality, but should be good enough, right? I really need to invest in a lightbox or something.



Anyway, I have been working on some other figs - a unit of gun mages is currently soaking in Pine Sol to get them ready for repainting, a Squire, magnetized Cygnar heavy and a Firefly are coming along, and I should be about ready to finish the basing on those poor Gators.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pics tomorrow

Tonight I finished a machine wraith and an agonizer. Okay, the basing needs to be finished, and they need to be sealed. No biggie - those will be done well before lunch. My "completed" list grows a little, which helps offset some of the recent purchases.

No final deal on my Warmaster stuff, and I am about to relist some terrain, so my collection hasn't grown in a few days. Probably a good thing, considering.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

And the count goes up again

Stopped over at Black Sun Games this morning, and then headed over to Games Plus after. At Black Sun, I picked up a Grenadier and Kraye (both had MK I cards, but that's not a big deal, as I have spare MK II), so my current count is 609. (I think - the touch is recharging, so I cannot check my collection list).

At Games Plus, while I did not get in a game, that was by choice, since I planning on painting anyway. I got some base colors down on some Retribution myrmidons, a bit of work on some gators, a little work done on an Agonizer, and maybe a couple of other things. I was planning on working on one of the battle engines too, but just didn't have the time. Next time we are in town, I have to make sure that I have an army of three.

In the meantime, I am consider a Kraye army, and possibly the new eHaley theme force - anything that lets me use multiple battle engines (with tokens at the start!) can't be all bad, can it?

Grrr. . . navigation error

I was hoping to stop by Black Sun Games tonight before they closed, but due to an error between the steering wheel and the seat, I did not make it. I plan on making it tomorrow - I have a tentative deal to get rid of some old Warmaster stuff, and I am kind of thinking about getting some figs towards a Storm Bringers eHaley list. I am missing a lot of it, but the deal would let me get most of what I am missing, I hope.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Now I have to put them together. . .

Got back from Scout camp, and I find that a package has arrived for me. I may not have gotten to GenCon, but at least I did get a Storm Strider and a AFG as compensation. Sure, they weren't new releases, but they are new to me.

Now I want to make sure that I get them together before next Saturday at the FLGS. A couple of battle engines should make a splash. I might try and get them together and take them to work on for the next 40k night too.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

And then there were three. . . .

So, today at the FLGS (L&J Hobbies), there were actually three of us. And, even stranger - all at once. I lost (and badly, I might add) using an ad hoc Cygnar force to Kharchev. I always seem to forget just how fast he can slingshot those jacks forward. And then the Khador player went up against a rookie Skorne player, using Khador and Skorne battleboxes. That one came pretty much down to the wire, with Morghul managing to take out Sorscha.

Hopefully, as summer winds down in the next couple of weeks, and people get back to their normal schedules, we will start seeing our player base stabilize and grow. We have anywhere from five to eight people who have expressed interest, and have armies, so once six or so start showing up on a regular basis, we should be okay.

Unfortunately, we have no space to play next week - the store is running a 40k 'Ard Boyz tourney, and there are still more 40k players than Warmahordes players. For now.

I do think that I am going to have to sit down and plan 35 point armies for as many factions as I can, using mainly the figs in the battleboxes (or, at most, changing the caster), so that I can put up a better fight, and so that ew can rope in new players more easily.

Friday, August 5, 2011

The miniature turnstile

So, in the process of cleaning out the basement a few weeks ago, I came across some old Clan War figs that I had picked up at one point. I still have something like 4 copies of the box set, mainly because they came with 60 metal figs, so I have the core of a lot of armies out there, if I ever get around to playing the game again. But I also had some Naga - not much, but enough that it would get an army started.

The Naga have been sitting in a box, still in blisters, through a couple of moves, by my reckoning, and I had to face the fact that I may never get around to doing anything with them. So, I posted notices in a couple of places, and sold them off.

And took the money, and ordered an Arcantic Force Generator (aka Space Cricket) and a Storm Strider. The smart thing would have been to add a like amount (in dollar terms) to Legion and Khador, but meh, I wanted me some battle engines.

Too bad the internet has spoiled me - I ordered them, and I want them NOW! dangit.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Minor vent - I figure the few who read will understand.

I was working on some Gatormen last night. The figs are basically done, aside from the base, and I was wanting to do some water effects. (You can probably see where this is going already, right?.) I seal off the holes in the base using plasticard and glue, then paint the whole thing. When it is dry, I superglue a couple of "logs" and some other things, wait a bit, and then pour the water effect goop, which I had dyed an appropriate swamp-water color.

Go down this morning to check on it, and discover that I didn't quite seal off the base as well as I thought, and, all the water effects, being liquid until it sets, have basically run out the tiny hole I missed.

Nothing was ruined, it was just really annoying.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Small painting update

The end of the July and early August are busy times for me this year, and sadly has little to do with gaming. No GenCon for me this year - instead, it has been family things which have been occupying me time. No complaints about it, actually, but doing more things with the family means less time for gaming. . . .and painting.

As I said the other day, my model count when up by two, although one of them was painted, although not by me, so I'm not counting it. Tonight, I sat down at the table, and my first thought was "Now what?" I finished off the battleboxes, so I did not have an actual project per se. Rather than start on a couple of warpacks (though I intend to do them soon enough), I decided to go after some low-hanging fruit, and finish off some nearly-completed models.

I didn't finish them, but an agonizer, a pistol wraith, a machine wraith, and a minimum unit of gatormen got a little closer tonight. I might have them done by the Thursday. If not, they won't be done for a while, since I won't be able to paint again (most likely) until the middle of the month. I also got some work done on ten Ork boyz - I have decided that I should work on my 40k stuff, since I may need to play some games with the Thursday group before I switch them over to Warmachine and Hordes.