Friday, December 30, 2011

The streak continues

Yep, lost another game. It's common enough that I really should have a label for it or something. I got in another game last night at Dice Dojo, this time against Luke.

He was running trolls:
  • pHoarluk
  • Mauler
  • Blitzer
  • Full unit of fennblades plus UA
  • Full unit of stone bearers

I was trying out Maelok again, and had:

  • Maelok
  • Bull Snapper
  • Ironback
  • Wrastler
  • Full unit of posse
  • Croak Hunter

Long story short, I lost. I made some truly stupid rookie mistakes (like forgetting to heal a beast before burning through fury on Maelok), and some that show I haven't played beyond battlebox lately, like forgetting that pHoarluk has Rampager - fortunately, he used it mainly to keep the wrastler out of the way, instead of attacking other stuff with it.

Eventually, it came down to me attempting a charge, and failing. Again, I should have checked control first - although the game was over at that point, so if I could not make the charge, I was finished. I can't say that I learned anything from the game, but I was certainly reminded of how some mistakes are very easy to make.

Still had fun though, and got to watch some other games. I did pick up some of the Cygnar figs - a full unit of Long Gunners plus the UA, a unit of rangers, eNemo, and a HRT for my poor neglected Retribution. With the Hammerfall UA and the Khador wardog I picked up Wednesday night, my collection got some holes filled, and I have some painting to do once we get back home.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Third time was not the charm

So, I got in yet another game tonight, this time at Unique Gifts & Games, up in Grayslake. It's not too far from the in-laws, which turned out to be rather fortunate. I got there a bit early, and browsed shelves for a bit until other people showed up and I could get a game in. I met my opponent, we agreed on points, set up the table, I pulled my figs, tokens, dice, etc. And then started looking for my cards. And looked. And looked. And came to the realization that I had left them back at the in-laws.

The fact that there were children present kept me from using the language that I wanted to use, but I begged out (missing an eCaine match-up), ran back, picked up the cards, and came back in time to get in a game.

My opponent (Chris) was running the Heavy Armor Battalion theme list from NQ #39. At 35 pts, he had:
  • eIrusk
  • Behemoth
  • Juggernaut
  • Gun Carriage (x2)
  • min unit of mechanics (x2)

I was trying out Sturm & Drang, also a theme list, and had:

  • Sturm & Drang
  • Warhog (x2)
  • Targ
  • max units of Brigands (x2)
  • Slaughterhousers

The game did not go well. I chose the wrong personality, and also chose to go second. I should have chosen Sturm and gone first. I would have fared better.

Without going into a long, drawn-out, and pictureless report - by my second turn, my slaughterhousers were dead, as was one of the war hogs. I did manage to kill a mechanic and one of the gun carriages, but I could not get to his caster. He wiped out my last warhog, and although I almost managed to take out the second gun carriage (literally, I left it on its last damage box), but there was nothing I could do to stop the Behemoth from stomping S&D into the ground.

Good game, and I had a lot of fun. S&D is definitely a tricky warlock to play - I will have to give him another try. I already have some modifications to the list that I want to try, and cannot wait until I get the chance to lose with him again.

Monday, December 26, 2011

No gaming stuff for Christmas

To be honest, I wasn't expecting any gaming stuff anyway, so it was not a huge letdown. I think I may treat myself to a small gaming item or two over the next week or so, since I will be at several stores which carry a good stock of Warmahordes.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The best thing about iBodger

is that I can work on army lists pretty much anywhere. A lot of them may be theorymachining, since my play beyond battle box has been extremely limited of late, but it's something to do, and I can try to eliminate obvious weaknesses. (All comments about my troll slugger and scattergunner list can stay in the peanut gallery, thank you very much.)

So, since we had to be at church extremely early for the Christmas service, I took along ibodger and made some theory lists, and changed up the troll list I lost with yesterday. I need to try the new one at some point - I think it is a slightly better list, and a couple more tries with Jarl certainly cannot hurt.

On a related note, my magic 8 balls says, when I ask about gaming stuff being under the tree tomorrow, laughs at me. Looks like I'll have to buy my own gaming-related presents this year. What a shame.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Another day, another loss.

Quick post, but I got in another game this afternoon. This time, I got to play Felix (of Pokeminiatures fame). Instead of trying gators again, I tried out a troll list. I had been wanting to try Jarl, and I had a 25 point list that I wanted to try.

It failed. Not spectacularly, but it failed. Part of the problem, I think, stems from my failure to use Jarl to the fullest, but a unit of sluggers and a unit of scattergunners just doesn't have enough punch to deal with heavies. And the RAT on both is pretty low, which made dealing with Def 13 infantry tough.

Again, I had fun, and I did not lose as badly as yesterday. I'll post a more detailed report later, and when Felix gets his report written, I will link to it.

Losing is fun too

So, my original plan was to drive down to Dice Dojo this evening and get a couple of games in. I forgot that the Edens can back up quite a bit, and forgot to budget some extra time for that. Add in some unfamiliarity with the area, some poor directions, and I got there somewhat later than originally planned.

I did mange to get a game, however. Dan (I think) was running pigs, and he had Carver, 2 War Hogs, a Gun Boar, Rorsch & Brine, a unit of slaughterhousers and a unit of brigands. On my side, I had Maelok, an Ironback, a Wrastler, a Bull Snapper, two full units of Gatormen, a Croak hunter, and swamp gobbos.

Long story short, I lost, and fairly badly. No complaints - I deserved to lose. It was the no-man's land scenario, and deft use of Quagmire pretty much kept one of my units of Gatormen out of the game. My only hope at the end was an assassination run, and it failed. I got close, but close only counts in horseshoes, hand grenades, and 5" templates.

The important thing is that I had fun, and I hope to get in another game or two tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Getting stuff ready for the holiday

Since I am on the road over Christmas, I'm taking some Warmahordes stuff with me. I'm trying to pack light; I'm taking only three armies (more or less - I'm not taking all I have of one faction, and pretty much limited to what I have for the other two anyway). I expect to lose some games, maybe win once or twice, and have a lot of fun.

I have very few readers (somewhere between 0 and 3, I think), but I am not going to post army lists. I will say that I am taking trolls, pigs and gators though.

Monday, December 19, 2011

More Hirst Arts goodness.

Not sure if I have said it before, but I am a license holder for Hirst Arts. Basically, it means that I sell kits, or sell in excess of $1k per year - both of which are true, for a loose enough definition of "true." At some point, possibly beginning next year, I need to move forward with making it an actual business, but that's another post.

Anyway, in the last couple of days, I have had 200 pounds of Ultracal 30, and 100 pounds of dental plaster delivered. And today, I got 5 more molds - all ones for making the Space Hulk board. I already have the molds to make the board, but the addition of these turns it from a month-long project into one that can be done in a couple of weeks.

So, tonight, in addition to trying to get some painting done, I need to pour some plaster and start assembling some things for sale again. I don't make much, but it does pay for more Hirst Arts stuff, and helps keep me in miniatures.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

More undead

I spent most of my painting time tonight working on more Cryx figs. Nothing finished, but a lot of things moved along. And it will do me no good for months, possibly more. Meh.

In the meantime, I am making some army lists for what I want to test over the holiday break. I intend to get some games in, and, while I do not intend to lose, that's probably how it is going to go. I will have fun losing, however, and that is what really matters.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Riddle me this. ..

I haven't played my Cryx in something like 18 months. I certainly haven't bought any new figs for it - one of the reasons that I haven't played them is because I need to fill out some units, and buy some new ones, to make armies that are more than legal - getting slaughtered because the army is a 35-pt collection of random things is not fun on a routine basis.

Anyway, I was down in the basement tonight, thinking about what I was going to take with me to play over the holidays. I'm currently leaning toward pigs, gators, and trolls. I have thought about Retribution, or possibly even Legion. So why did I wind up spending the evening painting Cryx that I won't be using anytime soon?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Quick thought on 2013

Sure, sure - next year is still a few weeks away, but I started thinking about it the other day. I hope to get a lot done (gaming-wise) in 2013 - get back to GenCon, play a lot more Warmahordes, actually get some more stuff painted, get my local community active, maybe get at least all my Warmahordes stuff assembled and primed, make and sell a lot of terrain. Lots of stuff.

So, for my couple of readers out there - sometime in the next couple of weeks, I intend to post a list of what I plan on getting done in 2013. And, once you are done laughing, I expect you to post snide comments about my lack of progress from time to time. Because if I have learned one thing over the years, it's that a public declaration of intent puts a lot more pressure on me than any private goals ever will.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Trimming (but not the tree)

On the good news front, I got the sluggers either primed or ready for priming (depending on the fig), as well as the scattergunner UA. I still have some scattergunners unassembled, and that probably won't be fixed before the weekend, but I'll play them anyway.

On the bad news front, the magnets in both the torso and one of the heads shifted as I was gluing them, and I really don't like the way they are currently seated. So, tomorrow, I have to get them out and try it again - I thought about doing it tonight, but decided that it just wasn't worth the effort right now.

Still trying to decide what to take for the weekend. I generally take battlebox forces to loan out, and I have been taking some Legion, Menoth and Skorne stuff to loan as well. I then take an army or two to try out. I usually don't get in more than one or two games, but that's a darn sight better than zero. Anyway, I want to take my pigs, so Sturm & Drang can get a road test, but I am wondering if I should just take some trolls, now that I have a new unit, a new UA, and a new 'lock.

And I need to think about my holiday travels as well. I'll take along paints, supplies, and a couple of armies, since I should be able to find a game in the Chicago area, right? (Yes, I know about Games Plus and Unique Games. I will be reasonably close to both of them.)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Not much progress today

Spent a good chunk of the afternoon trying to fix a computer issue, so I lost that time. I did get Jarl and Gorten primed, and three of the sluggers assembled, so there is that. And, while puttering in the basement, I remembered that I had some small drill bits which (1) were the right size for the jack magnets; and (2) might fit in the pin vice. Both turned out to be true, so I got a little more work done on the jacks tonight.

Probably not much tomorrow - I have to prep 8 model rockets for assembly at a Scout meeting later on in the week, and cutting the fins may take some time.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hooray, a shirt!

My pressganger shirt arrived yesterday. I guess that makes me all official and stuff.

Did little work tonight. Remembered that I had snapped a drill bit the last time I had magnetized a plastic jack, so I couldn't get too far on my menoth or khador heavies. Got Gorten assembled, as well as Jarl, but just did not really feel like doing much tonight. Got some time blocked off for some basement time in the next few days, and I need to start thinking about what I am going to take with me over the holidays.

While I would like to take a lot, its probably going to be gators, pigs and trolls. Want to get in some practice with each of those - I'm going to go out on a limb and say that I will probably be running Minions at GenCon - I have fun with them, even when I lose, which is probably the most important thing.

Also looking at running something at a local con at the end of Feb. Stay tuned, although my readership is low enough that it probably would not make any difference in the con attendance anyway.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Win some, lose some

Got in two small games with Maelok today. Won the first against a legion list (eThag, Typhon, some shredders), mainly because the shredders were in the way of Typhon and eThag, and I used feat to get past them to the crunchy warlock center. Could have gone the other way though.

Lost the second against a Xerxis Skorne list. Bronzeback, Gladiator, min paingivers and the beatstick. It wasn't even close. I almost managed to eke out a victory - I had Xerxis down quite a bit, he had no fury, but I had to resort to slamming one of my gatormen into him to try and finish him off. When it didn't work (and, frankly, it was a long shot at best), I was done. It was a go big or go home attempt, and I got spanked for it.

Good games, both of them. I think Barnabas is still my favorite gator, but once the boneswarm and the witch doctors are out, Barnabas might have to take a back seat.

Next week, I think I will take my pigs. Sturm and Drang need some testing too.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

They're heeeere

My shineys, that is. As I said previously, I had ordered some new shineys. Well, they arrived today, after that terribly long wait (since Monday, I think). I forgot that I had ordered Hakaar as well - I needed to replace one which had gone from unpainted, to painted, to given away in a few weeks.

Hoping to have some time tonight, to get the Sluggers trimmed and primed, and start work on magnetizing the plastic jacks. Maelok is going to get some work, too, if I can manage it. I want to give him a try on Saturday.

Space Hulk board

It's as finished as I am likely to get it - I just don't play Space Hulk often enough to justify any more work on it. So, it went up on Bartertown, and will go on Dakka Dakka later today. Hopefully, I can get some Talion charter figs or cash out of the deal.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Update to last post

Got the shipping notice just a few minutes ago - should have them on Thursday. That gives me tonight and tomorrow to finish up a largish terrain project and put it out on Dakka Dakka and Bartertown, before I get distracted.

(Hint - I finally am almost done with the project I showed here, as a WIP. Finally got back to it, and it's starting to look finished enough for me to get rid of it.)

More shineys on the way!

Well, in the next few days, my percentage of painted figures will drop once again, since I will be receiving:

  • Maelok the Dreadbound
  • Jarl Skuld
  • Khador plastic heavy jack kit
  • Menoth plastic heavy jack kit
  • Scattergunner UA
  • Trollkin Sluggers
  • Gorten

It won't actually affect my painted percentage all that much - adding less than 20 new miniatures against 700 or so really doesn't change things all that much. I know that I won't finish as much this year as I had hoped, but I do think I can do better next year. I figure I will start planning some GenCon armies in the next few weeks, so I can start getting them painted well before GenCon. I'm thinking Minions, just because I like my gators and my pigs.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Hooray for gaming! (and random thoughts)

Got in two games on Sunday - a draw between Menoth and my Rhulic, and a battlebox win (my Gators over Everblight). The Menoth game was a good one, and it could have gone either way - we called it to get in a game with the other two people who showed up, which led to my Gators doing a number on a modified Everblight battlebox.

(FWIW - if I had run my pigs, the Everblight player would have slaughtered me, I think.)

Need to clear off some space on my gaming table - I ordered some more stuff, and I have some terrain that I want to get finished up and gone before the end of the year.

Not getting rid of all my finished terrain, because there is a local con at the end of Feb that I would like to see have some Warmahordes action going on. Since it is in my area, I guess that means it would be my job to organize something.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

I'm back

Went dark for a while, mainly because I was on holiday for a week or so. Good times - got to see the Mars Rover launch, ate too much, drank not nearly enough, etc. No gaming though.

Hoping to do a game related post later today - have to dig out of the pile of laundry and cleaning that always accompanies vacation.

Need to make my Christmas gaming plans. Looks like I will be in the Chicago area for part of it, so I really should make a couple small army lists, and just take them and some paints, instead of trying to bring a lot and accomplishing almost none of it.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Domination thoughts

SO, I finished up NanoWriMo - it's 50k words of garbage (50,089, to be precise, although it may still get added to between now and the end of the month), so I can turn some attention to Domination.

I have not read all of the fluff yet, but it seems pretty good so far. I have been warned that attempting to read "All War is Deception, part II" without reading the faction intros is a Bad Idea, so I have not read it yet. For now, I am just going to give a couple of thoughts on each faction:

  • Jarl, eGrissel - I'll get both, but I will probably use Jarl more.
  • Storm Troll - so, so wrong. I think I need to pair him with Mulg.
  • Scattergunner Off & Std - scattergunners got useful. They'll be more fun, and I am glad that I have a full unit already.
  • Rok - seems okay, but I wasn't wowed. Need to think about him some.
  • Sons of Bragg - I don't care how effective they are, they just look fun.
  • War Wagon - about what I expected.

  • Grayle, eBaldur - I like eBaldur, and will use him. I like the Devourer's Debt mechanic.
  • Griffon, Winter Argus - okay, but I don't play Circle enough to really see something nasty about them. They don't seem bad, they just don't seem to be great.
  • Ghetorix - I think he will be fun, but his point cost seems a bit high. Again, I don't play Circle, so take that with a grain of salt.
  • Gallows Grove - cheap, and I can see using them as a way to shut down tough and healing. Nice art, too.
  • Celestial Fulcrum - beautiful model, the "may not be placed" is kind of a pain though.


  • Naaresh, eHexeris - Naaresh doesn't have issues, he has entire subscriptions. eHexeris will be fun.
  • Cyclops Raider - Far Strike as an animus? Be still my beating heart. Pity is is model, not unit, but that's okay.
  • Venator Slingers - AoE with corrosion? Cheap? I think I need some.
  • Archidon - I like him. No real armor for a heavy, but flight and critical pitch will be fun, and he is cheap.
  • Tiberion - Xerxis has a new best friend. Can't wait for this big guy.
  • Animantarax - I like it. I think it will be fun, but it will be a harder battle engine to use than the Khador war wagon, I suspect.

Legion of Everblight

  • Kallus, eVayl - Kallus looks like fun, and his fluff is great. eVayl seems solid, and her feat is pretty useful, but tricky. Order of spells will matter there.
  • Nightlurker - seems useful, but I like the animus more than the stat line.
  • Succubus - decent warlock attachment, nothing special, IMO.
  • Proteus - not a big fan of the "everything on a carnivean chassis" sculpt, but that's just me fussing after putting together several scythean/carnivean in a row. Would not have been so bad, if I could have used the plastic kits that aren't out yet. Seems nice enough otherwise.
  • Farilor & Std - seem decent, but my legion armies to date have been beast-heavy, infantry light.
  • Throne of Everblight - just weird. Will get one, just to paint it, if nothing else.


  • Maelok -undead gator goodness. Love him.
  • Boneswarm - cheap, terror - fits well in Maelok's theme force too.
  • Swamp Horror - I like it, but I need to think about how best to use the Elasticity animus.
  • Gatorman Witch Doctor - look, I can make gators undead at will. And Maelok's feat positively affects friendly faction undead. Sounds good to me. Want these guys now. Or at least before GenCon.


  • Sturm & Drang - looking forward to playing these guys.
  • Road Hog - need one, just for the roast pork jokes. Assault with a 10" spray is nice too.
  • Slaughterhousers - these have been out for a while, and everyone probably has formed an opinion by now on them.
  • Targ - Dr. Arkadius has a friend. I like him, and he has proven moderately useful the couple of times I have used him.

Anyway - all in all, I liked the book. There are a few thigs that I don't plan on getting as soon as they come out, and others where, if it were feasible, I would camp outside PP and wait for them to be released. The minions are still a sidebar, rather than a faction, but you now have enough options to play them in an unbound game - though your model choices are still really limited, of course. Still, they got about what I expected, although I expected to see one light pig and one light gator warbeast.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's here! It's here!

The UPS guy brought me a little present - a Rhulic Avalancher, a min unit of Shield Gun Corps, eBaldur, eHexeris, Sturm and Drang, and Domination. Looks like I have a litte light reading to do later. Or now.. . . .

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Priming is progress, right?

Not getting down to the basement any more tonight (curse you, NaNoWriMo!), but I at least got two scattergunners and the krielstone bearer models primed. With any luck, I will get some more scattergunners put together tomorrow, but it is going to be a busy couple of days.

Real life keeps getting in the way of my hobbies, darn it.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Almost no progress

The only thing I got done tonight (aside from a loooooong time hunting for random parts) is assembling a Bokur and two scattergunners. I keep trying to organize my stuff, but I should just say to heck with it, and just assemble whatever I can - stop worrying about units, and just try to clean up some of the stuff that has gotten cluttered as my gaming stuff has gotten moved around over the last couple of years.

Know I did at least something today

I may not get back down the basement again to work on stuff today, but if nothing else, the min unit of Bane Thralls and pMagnus got primed today. The bright gleam of bare metal is reduced by an infinitesimal amount.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Update to previous post

Decided to suck it up and get something done. Got a min unit of Bane Thralls assembled, as well as pMagnus, but it looks like the arm on Mohsar slipped, so I will have to fix it before I count him as assembled and prime him.

No game today

No game today. No one else showed up at the FLGS. Kinda bummed, but hoping things will get better once he starts to get some rules & starter sets in.

No painting tonight either. I should, but my heart isn't in it. I worked on a few things at the store, but didn't get much done. Just one of those days.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ha! Some painting

No, no pics, because nothing got done, but I did pick up a brush, dip it in some paint, and even apply aforementioned paint to a warmahordes fig. And, I started creating new curse words when I kept dropping those tiny little leg spikes for eThargrosh.

Hoping to get in a game tomorrow - heading for the FLGS, will be taking paints, etc, so that even if I don't play, I will get something useful done.

Completely unrelated to gaming - spent some of what little free time I have had lately (curse you, NaNoWriMo!) putting together some model rockets, and this afternoon my son and I went out to launch them. We started with 3 rockets and 10 engines, and ended up with 2 rockets and 2 engines. 8 launches, 7 recoveries, and 1 lost to a gust of wind and a rocket-eating tree. Fun times though.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Another update

So, I am still about on track for the 2,500 words/day that I wanted to be (I think I fell behind by 300 words or something yesterday, which I will make up easily today), but on Saturday, I at least managed to get some painting done.

And started some assembly, too. I have my gun carriage together, but not the horses. I glued them on Saturday, but they have some pretty bad gaps (almost reminiscent of the huge gap that the original Khador 'jacks have, actually), and I will need to do some serious GS work on them before they can be primed.

I have a tentative schedule of events for my FLGS through the spring, now I just need to print it up and take it in, as well as a sign-up sheet and a demo flyer.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Non-gaming update.

So, as I said, I am doing NaNoWriMo again. I have done it every year, and, thankfully enough, "won" it every year. (Winning, in this sense, simply means that I hit the 50k word goal - easily several times, and others I had to push, pull and kick the corpse of a festering story idea over that point.) This year, I am currently ahead of schedule - I am at 7,064 words, which is 2000 or so over the "official" goal of 1,667 words per day.

It's a little behind the 2,500 per day that I want to hit, but I still have 10 hours to go, and I can generally bang out 1200 words or so between dinner and midnight, in addition to doing other things. So, tonight, I think I am going to do some painting. I've earned it, I think - especially if I can get close to 8k before dinnertime.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Posting might be light for a bit.

Today marks the beginning of NaNoWriMo. For those who do not wish to click the link, basically, it is a challenge to write an original novel of at least 50k words during the month of November. It works out to 1667 words per day, but, due to several time commitments, I am trying to write 2500 per day. I have a couple of painting projects in the works, and some terrain stuff, but I might be trying to squeeze in a few minutes here and there, unless I manage to break the 25k barrier by this time next week.

It gives me something to do until Domination comes out, anyway. (Which reminds me, I have to put in my preoder soon. Domination, Sturm, Hexeris. . . . good stuff coming.)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Nothing for the weekend.

I didn't do anything related to gaming this weekend. Saturday was the last game of soccer, plus four hours of Cub Scouts, plus some family time. Today was pumpkin carving and a train show - time well spent, but not involving a brush or glue.

Traditionally, we stop seeing real trick-or-treaters by 8:30 or so on Halloween, though we wait a bit more than that before turning everything off. Still, when the "kids" can drive themselves from neighborhood to neighborhood, they really shouldn't be out begging for candy.

Should get something done tomorrow though. Not sure what just yet.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Finished pics

I think it looks pretty decent. Opinions from the peanut gallery?






I also finished the harrier and the two stingers in the pic. They had been done except for the snow on the base, and I held on mixing some up the other night, since I thought I might be using some on the terrain as well.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

No painting tonight

Technically, I did paint a little bit tonight - I think I painted the base flesh tones on an alt. manhunter and put paint on something else. I got Morvahna and the Void Seer assembled, and not much else done, to be honest. I spent most of my hobby time for the evening searching for a pair of pliers and clearing a clogged nozzle on a tube of superglue. Meh.

The prototype mountain pass is almost done - tomorrow, I will finish it off an take pics, although I may not get them posted until after gaming tomorrow night.

Domination terrain (WIP)

So, when Domination comes out next month, there is a PP event which I plan on running at my FLGS. The event calls for two pieces of 6" x 15" mountain walls which count as obstructions. Since nothing can actually land on (or in) an obstruction, I decided that I should make some suitably impassible mountains.

So, here is the basic concept:


And, here it is again with a little shaping with a hot wire cutter. (Technically, this is another piece, but you get the idea.)


The steps are a little rough, so my initial plan was to start evening things out a bit with a layer or two of paper mache. It's fairly quick, cheap, and provides a fairly sturdy base with which to work when I get to the next step.


In a discussion on the PP forums about this terrain article, I mentioned that I generally use step hills for gaming, but for my sons model train layout, I use plaster hills because they look better. Because these pieces won't have anything trying to stand on them, I figured I could go for a more realistic look, so I started applying plaster.


But, I forgot how long it could take - I started working on it, and remembered that the fairly small hills on the layout took a fair amount of time to make - mainly waiting for the plaster to dry enough that it could be shaped, but it would mean that there were periods where I would be waiting for these things to dry, and not able to do much else.

So, I scrapped that plan and decided to go another route. . .


Yep. That's tree bark and spackle. I bought 3 cubic feet of tree back, and later today, I am going to buy a 60 pound container of spackle. No, I won't use them all here, but I might go on a terrain-building binge for the rest of the year.

Painting these is going to be a snap. I spray them really well with black (good thing I applied paper mache across the bottom, even though these are mounted on a plasticard strip), and then do quick, random passes with gray, white, and a couple of earth tones. I know what I am going to do for the peaks - I plan on finishing up the bark layers on one of these this afternoon, so I might be able to have a final one done by tonight, depending on how quickly the spackle dries.



The only real disadvantage of these things is that they will be kind of heavy when they are done. On the other hand, it's not as though they will be tipping over and landing on anything, and putting a box of them in the car isn't going to be a real issue anyway.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Quick update

Spent some time this afternoon working on the prototypes for some terrain bits, and hope to have them ready for pics tonight - WIPs, since they won't be done until tomorrow, most likely.

Also got the entire unit of Bloodgorgers primed, and all four of the Gators. So, my two full units of Gators are now at least fully assembled and primed, which is progress of a sort. And, I even tested the superglue by dropping one of the poor Cryx models on the floor. Rug, over concrete, and it survived intact. Good enough for me. I'll pin when I think I have to do so, and simply try gluing the rest. My assembly process should speed up considerably now.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Update to today

Decided to do something before watching Cap. Got four Gatormen assembled, as well as the remaining Ogrun. The Harrier is basically done, aside from basing and a slight touch-up. The nice thing about having so many models, and yet so few painted, is that adding 50 or 60 models does almost nothing to the percentage which are finished, but painting half a dozen makes a dramatic difference on my "shelf of painted junk."

Another long hiatus

Didn't get much done in the last week, and, since I picked up Captain America today, I might not paint tonight. (Yes, I saw it in the theater, but I enjoyed it enough to buy it, so I might watch it again tonight instead of painting.) Since my last excuse for an update, I have just about finished 2 Stingers and a Harrier, and have worked on the Raek and the Winter Guard figs. I have also assembled half a full unit of Bloodgorgers, and hope to finish assembling the others the next time I sit down at the desk. I am trying out a new superglue, which is supposed to be flexible. I'm hoping that it will let me avoid pinning some of the smaller parts, which would let me move a lot more of my models to the "primed" pile.

I was originally going to try and put some paint on every unfinished Warmachine or Hordes model I owned in the month of November (my own version of the Impossible Dream challenge), but with NaNoWriMo and a trip to the most expensive place on earth,it's probably going to have to wait until December.

But December also means travel - at least for a few days - into Chicagoland, so I think I may need to stop by a couple different game stores and get some of my armies beaten. Maybe once they taste the sour tang of defeat, my figs (and dice) will be more desirous of the sweet taste of victory.

Oh yeah - I also put paint onto another 40 or so Orks, but since they belong to the Company That Shall Not Be Named, I don't count them. ;)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Publish or perish?

OKay, I haven't posted anything in over a week, and I haven't said much this month at all. That whole pesky real life thing has been getting in the way, so I haven't gotten much painting or playing time in the last few days. I really need to start playing games on Vassal or something, just to remind myself of how the rules work. (Kidding, but my mediocre skills certainly won't be sharpened by disuse.)

Anyway, as proof that I have been working on that big box of product which graced my doorstep a few weeks back, I present the following:



The background looks a little cluttered because I was painting those earlier tonight, and didn't feel like moving them off the disaster that is my painting table:



It's actually overdue for a good clearing off, which I do every month or two, but I really wanted to paint tonight, instead of doing stuff that needs to be done, but isn't as much fun/frustrating.

And this is the table of shame:


It's probably no more than half of what I have, and, as you can see, there are a lot of figs that are either bare metal or primed, but nothing beyond that. I am moderately pleased to say that a lot of the primed figs are fairly recent acquisitions, but still, I need to get more of those done.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Really need to start taking pics

Since I don't generally sit down to paint with a plan in mind (other than, "Okay, I have an hour or so, so I'd better get something accomplished"), I can't really take before and after pics. But I am thinking that maybe I should start taking a pic of what I have been working on lately, because that way, I can (1) prove to my readers that I am getting things painted; and (2) prove to myself that I am getting things painted.

Tonight, I worked on the Winter Guard units. And put base colors on the harriers and the raek. Did some assembly work on eThag. Got the gun carriage assembled and primed, except for the horses. Greenstuffed the last two slaughterhousers, the nephilim, and the seraph. And worked on a couple of other things. Visually, it actually would have been a nice before and after series, since going from bare metal to base colors is a pretty big change, whereas nights where I do detail work, it can be very hard to see any signs of progress at the end of the evening.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Well, that was stupid of me.

Got in a small game at the FLGS today. I was running Irusk, some Winter Guard + Joe, and a couple of jacks, against the Menoth battlebox, a min choir, knights, and a paladin. It did not go well. Part of it was simply bad luck - you would expect that 2d6-7, repeated 6 times, would have half the rolls do nothing, and the other half do a fairly minimum amount of damage. Instead, 5 of the 6 did nothing, and I don't think they even rolled as high as a 6.

Of course, messing up the order of activation, and charging a menoth jack seemed like a good idea - until I wanted to shoot the other jack (which I had also inadvertently engaged). I did quite a bit of damage there, shooting my own jack in the back. Oh well - you live, you lose, you learn.

Haven't done too much painting the last few days. Both units of Winter Guard (normal and rifles) are now assembled and primed, and some have paint. The raek is primed, and once I sit down with some green stuff, I should finish up the nephilim, the seraph, and the farrow slaughterhousers.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Darn batteries

Still not charged. Had the recipe correct, Stingers are progressing nicely, and the Harriers are primed and started. Raek is assembled, as is Kovnik Joe. eThag is started in the assembly pipeline, as is the Blighted Sorceress, and the Nephilim Soldier. They probably won't be more than assembled before the weekend, but that's okay.

No word yet on my store order - I'm hoping that my 2-player starter is in, as well as my NQ and a couple of other things. The order was kind of a beta test - the store is hoping to get stuff in, so I placed an order, and now it's just a waiting game.

Once the store starts getting stuff in, it's time to start advertising leagues, and maybe organize a Foodmachine tourney for sometime next month.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A non-Warmachine post

Just a quick note - I might be picking up a small Prussian force for Dystopian Wars in the next week or so, as part of a trade. This naturally got me hunting for my rulebook, to see how many factions there were. . . .

The good news is that it is not going to be a game I play much outside of cons, so I really won't need that much for it. Really. Honest.

Harriers are built

And I started laying down the base colors on the Winter Guard units. The camera batteries are charging, but I'm basically using the Vallejo colors for Soviet WW II infantry. pButcher and Harkevich have a lot more green than khaki on them, since they have a lot heavier armor.

I also found out that I did not write down the basecoat recipe for my easy Legion beasts. Fortunately, one shredder was still at the base color stage, so I am keeping it in that state while I try to replicate it on the stingers. I think I am pretty close - I'll know later tonight.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Haven't painted in a few days

But I have been working on stuff. The AFG is now primed, although I haven't touched the three battle mage guys that surround it yet. Half of the winter guard rifles have been trimmed, assembled and primed, as well as pIrusk. I have started assembly on the raek and the gun carriage, and done some trimming on the nephilim and the angelius.

I plan on starting some painting tonight, but I also want to keep working on the assembly and priming process. I also want to sort stuff out a bit better, so that I have a couple 35-pt armies to take with me, as well as the various battlebox armies.

And, while it is not progress per se, I have been soliciting suggestions on the forum for a 35-pt Shae or Bart army, so that I can field any faction, any contract. Once I can field Talion at 35 points, I plan on going back and bulking up my mercs with some steelheads, another jack or two, getting a couple of beasts and another two units for circle, and then going back to my Cryx for a while, because the forces of evil need some lovin' too.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Terrain project

This has been taking up some time as well. I'm hitting the overall halfway point, more or less, and hope to have it looking mostly finished in a couple of days, if I can find the time to work on it. And then, I'll be getting rid of it. I built it mainly to see what the Space Hulk set from Hirst Arts would look like in person. The answer is pretty nice. (Disclaimer - I do have a license, and do sell kits from time to time.)



Anyway, I'm thinking that I need some khador jacks, and another gun carriage. And maybe some more Nephilim, or at least a few more harriers.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

No painting tonight, but still productive

(Okay, I did paint something - a terrain piece that I don't plan on keeping. I'll take pics tomorrow.)

So, I did not paint anything tonight, but it was still productive. The min unit of Winter Guard is now primed, as are the stingers, Harkevich, and the alt manhunter. The AFG is mostly assembled, and is actually ready for priming tomorrow, once I check the final dry fit of the upper and lower carapace pieces.

My goal for tomorrow is to work on the gun carriage, and the full unit of Winter Guard rifles. And Kovnik Joe. I am planning on heading over to the FLGS this weekend, and the owner wants another game. I would like to take all three battle engines, even though they are still in the process of assembly and painting. I really need to get in on a GW night, and drop a couple of the battle engines onto a table.

Progress of a sort

Quick note - I forgot Harkevich in the Christmas post. Slightly more Khador goodness.

Last night, I got the mechanics trimmed and onto bases, and they were primed this morning. This afternoon, while the kids played in the basement, I got two of the Winter Guard trimmed and on bases, as well as Harkevich. I plan on getting more done later tonight, although some of these models won't see paint for quite some time. (Although if I try and put paint on everything in November, they will at least have something done then, right?)

Gotta have 'em all!

As of yesterday, I can field at least 35 points for every faction. The only merc contract that I cannot field is Talion, although all of my mercs other than Searforge are pretty weak. Sure, for some factions, my lists are pretty thin, and I don't have a lot of wiggle room, but my main goal for the 2011 year is now complete.

And, since I have several months left, I guess I can start on my next goal - having decent 35 point armies for every faction, contract, or pact. I'm thinking I'll start with Talion, then pick up some Steelheads, grab some more Khador, pick up another couple Legion units & beasts, and then bulk up my Circle.

And in other news. . ..

As of earlier today, I am officially a pressganger for Privateer Press. I guess this means that I need to get more stuff painted, as an example or something.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's almost like Christmas

Provided either I bought the stuff for me, or Santa followed my wishlist, instead of getting me more socks. Either way, I got this today:


Now, I confess, that I did expect the box to be at least a little bit bigger. Fortunately, it was full, with no need for filler. Look at all that blistered and boxed goodness.


Once separated by type, my Khador collection gained a gun carriage, a min unit of winterguard, a max unit of winterguard rifles, Irusk, Kovnik Joe, a unit of mechanics and the variant manhunter.


My Cygnar was not neglected - I picked up a hunter. Kraye needs at least another, but it's a start.


Lord Carver gained some friends - a razorback crew and a unit of slaughterhousers.


And, Everblight gained Typhon, eThag, a blister of harriers, a seraph, a min unit of striders, a nephilim soldier, a raek, Absylonia, a scythean, a blister of stingers, and the Nyss sorceress.


I have more happy news, but I'll put it in its own post later tonight. For now, it's off for some painting time - or maybe assembly and priming.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A productive evening of painting

First, to answer the unspoken question - no, nothing got finished tonight. I worked on a lot of stuff - pButcher, a Stone Keeper, an Impaler, the magnetized Cygnar heavy, a couple of gunbunnies, a dozen or more Ork boyz, a gun boar, pKreoss, and Menoth knows what else. I spent the better part of the time listening to a podcast (Boosted Damage), and actually got a lot done.

And it will all be rather moot tomorrow, since my order will arrive at some point in the afternoon, and my percentage of finished figures will drop by about 1%. It's not that the order is small, but rather that, once you have 600+ warmachine figs, another 70 or so isn't such a huge increase. 22/604 is pretty much the same as 22/700, really.

And, knowing me, I probably won't do too much painting tomorrow night. I'll be spending most of my time opening boxes and squealing with glee, as I finally can play 35 pt armies for
everything. (Except pirates. Soon, though, soon. Shae will be mine, oh yes. I will have some pirates.)

While I was painting, I did have a thought for my variation of the impossible dream challenge. Instead of trying to paint 100 points in the month of November, I am thinking about trying to paint at least something on every Warmachine/Hordes figure that I own. It's not a small challenge, actually - and by the time November rolls around, it's a pretty safe bet that I will still have about 650 unpainted figures. But getting some base colors on everything would make the whole pile look a lot less demoralizing, I think.

Monday, September 26, 2011

My collection is growing again

Got word that my order is on its way. In a couple of days, my Khador and Everblight forces move from battlebox to actual (bad) armies. IIRC, the order included a gun carriage, winterguard, winterguard riflemen, Kovnik Joe, a raek, Typhon, a scythean, eThag, slaughterhousers, a hunter. . . and then quite a bit more.

Sadly, there were some things that I wanted (widowmakers, Khador heavy jack kit, etc) that were out of stock, so I guess I have to start working on my next wishlist.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Backsliding (sort of)

So, no posts in a couple of days, in part because I have been busy, but mostly because I have not picked up a brush since Wednesday night. Thursday, I did some road-tripping, and wound up selling off my IG tank army, trading away some old GW skeletons, and leaving my BfSP Dwarves for a future trade. In return, I got another box of GW Ogres (for the undead), and a fair amount of cash (for the IG).

So, I ordered me some Khador and some Everblight. When they get here, I can make 35-pt armies for every faction (though not every Mercenary contract just yet). I have another couple pending trades/sales as well, so I may be making another order, plus my FLGS should have in a couple WM figs I ordered by now.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

On a roll!

So, yesterday, I finally got the resculpt of the Butcher assembled and primed, and tonight, I finished up another two shredders. (Okay, technically the Shredders aren't finished yet - the flock/glue mixture for the snow bases is drying as I type, so they aren't sealed. Tomorrow morning, I fix that.)

There is a distinct chance that I will finish the Legion box set before I finish any of the other ones, despite having started Menoth and the Trolls much earlier. Of course, I haven't really begun to assemble the Carnivean, but I have heard enough horror stories that I am not eager to start it just yet.

I did some other painting, getting some base colors down on pButcher, pKreoss, some more Orks -- those guys just never stop - I am trying to work on each of them once before going back to one, but that's not going to happen. I'll probably make that work for the first hundred or so, but at some point, I will get tired of it and just want to finish some of them. And no, I won't take WIP pics, because there are so many, and the progress so slow, that setting them up for pics is just plain sad.

Haven't gotten a game in for a while, and unfortunately, this weekend looks as though it is out as well. Hopefully, next weekend is better.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Random progress update

Some nights, lots of things get done, and I can sit back, pop open a frosty beverage of my choice, and bask in the warm glow of Having Gotten Something Done. Last night was not such a night. Yes, Lord Carver is finally assembled (been putting that off), and even primed as of this morning. And I did a lot of painting in the hour or so that I was in the basement. But it was just hard to tell, mainly because of what I was working on. See, in addition to some Cygnar stuff (detail work on some jacks), and some more base work on my Menoth battlebox, I spent time working on my orks.

I have a lot of orks. As in, I might be able to field not one, but two, Green Tide formations from the Apocalypse books. So, doing the pants on fifteen Orks, and then boots on another twenty just gets lost in the noise, so to speak. I can honestly say that, on most nights when I work on my orks, I feel this way, simply because I could generally mix whatever I worked on back into the Shelf of Orks, and, ten minutes later, not be certain which orks had actually been painted that evening.

I know that it is progress, but man, that carousel of progress sure does seem stuck sometimes.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

No pics, but. . . .

I also finished a squire. I think it brings my total painted Warmahordes collection to 20, out of 620. It means, among other things, that my total painted forces are now at 3%. (Hah! 3.2% - even more impressive.)

Meh. A deal is all but certain for my IG army - I'll "lose" 60-odd infantry, about 15 vehicles, some heavy weapon teams, and some other odds and ends. On the plus side, it means that my Warmahordes will gain another 60 models or so, and I will have a playable 35-pt army for every faction in the game. If I took some of everything, and someone wanted to play Retribution, I could say "Yeah, I got that" and loan out a 35-pt army. Skorne? No problem. Trollbloods? Easy. (That has to be worth something on my PG app, right?)

But until the figs arrive (and I am not ordering them until I have the cash for the IG in hand), I can't do that for Khador or Everblight. (Technically, I can't do all four contracts, but I know that I can do it for Searforge, and I am close, if not there, for Four Star and Highborn. Need me some pirates for Talion though.) It does look as though I will accomplish my goal of having a 50-pt army for every faction before the end of the year.

Legion color test

Just a quick test of the color palette for Legion beasts. I'm fairly happy with it, and it is pretty quick too.


Saturday, September 17, 2011

One step forward. . . .

And about nine steps back. Last night, I got Targ and Lord Ossyan assembled (and just primed them a few minutes ago), and got some pretty significant work done on a Squire, a Firefly, a Grenadier, the Storm Strider, a magnetized Cygnar heavy, a Gun Boar, a dozen or so Ork boyz, and probably another five or ten models. Sounds good, until I mention that I also am in the process of getting rid of my IG army for 40k - and will be using the cash to buy some Khador and Legion models.

So, yeah - the IG that hasn't been included in my model count for years is going away, and I will have playable (albeit bad) 35-pt armies for every faction. (I have Rhulic for my Mercs - although I want to have pirates and a magnus force before the end of the year as well, because I am silly that way.)

I'm not making foolish choices for my Khador or Legion - solid beasts, and decent units, but I am going for some variety, and will be working on synergy down the road.

Tonight, I plan on getting more stuff painted (the squire is actually almost done, and I think the Grenadier is close), and taking pics of some (also uncounted) miniatures that I am offering someone. It won't be quite as large as what I will get for the IG tanks, but it should let me pick up a unit and a couple of solos/casters. I've been thinking that my Cryx really need Blackbane's Raiders, just because they look cool, and my Menoth still needs a book, which means I really should get a second Ghost Sniper for my Retribution (because 2 Ghost Snipers can kill the book in one turn). . . .

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cygnar progress

This might be kind of wasted, since if I chose Cygnar for the Journeyman league, then I am just cheating myself out of painting points, but I do want to get some things done, and I really like the Fort Falk scheme for Cygnar. So, here is some proof of progress - a couple of them are getting close to being done, though I won't finish anything until the weekend.

I know, I know - I was working on Gators last time. I'm still working on them, but I have gotten a little annoyed with how the feathers and the bones on the unit leader keep turning out, and until those are done, I won't be wrapping up the unit. Soon, I hope - we'll see how my current attempt turns out tomorrow.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Basement cleaning continues, and FLGS update

First, I'll start with the FLGS update. After dropping in on Saturday, it sounds like the store will actually start carrying PP merchandise. I promptly celebrated the good news by preordering Maelok and Jarl Skuld, as well as a farrow razorback crew. And, I picked up (elsewhere) a minimum unit of Warmongers and a minimum unit of blighted archers and the UA. It's not much, but it is a start.

And I continue to build on that. I have mentioned before that I am going to pare down my GW collection, and I have made arrangements to get rid of my BFSP Dwarves, and I just listed my IG army on Bartertown. I'm not sure whether I would prefer cash, or a big Khador (or Everblight) army - cash lets me build a 35 point army for each (and then some!), but a big army, arriving all at once, is kind of like Christmas.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Progress report

I didn't take a pic, so you have to take my word for it - but, even though I have not finished anything lately, progress is being made. The proof of that is the empty pot of Sepia wash that I tossed in the garbage earlier today. (Yes, I could fish it out and take a pic, but that would be kind of silly . . . not to mention messy, since I dumped the remnants of a glue and sand mix in on top of it.)

The sewing room did get done, FWIW, and I have gotten my Storm Strider partially assembled and based. I'll try and take WIP pics later.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


So, over on Pokeminiatures, Felix has put up a whole bunch of stuff that he has done so far his year. The sad part is that, even broken up into chunks, any chunk is more than he has done this year.

But, today I did get a Grenadier assembled, which is something. And the bottom half of a Storm Strider, though I haven't done the basing for it yet.

And I did paint about half of a room, which is a real pain with a 0 or 00 brush, let me tell you. I need to start work on the second coat in an hour or so - but I can only paint half the room at a time, without taking apart all the furniture, then moving it down at least one, possibly two flights of stairs. Instead of being an afternoon project, I probably won't be done until tomorrow night, and the room won't be put back together until Tuesday night.

FLGS update

Sorry, still nothing concrete on whether or not we will be able to start getting Warmahordes into the FLGS, but it is at least looking promising. And, yesterday, we had six players, so plenty of battle box games going on. We're going to start up the Journeyman league later on this month, and it sounds like everyone wants to play.

Definitely gave me some incentive to work on some painting last night, and right now, I am assembling my Storm Strider. (I wound up typing part of this post while trying to hold the legs in place as the glue dried.) I won't be using it for a while, although if no one takes Cygnar for the league, I might have to do it just as excuse to play the thing.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Sometimes, doing nothing is the same as doing something

So, almost no painting tonight, and not much painting on Warmahordes for the last couple of days. Wed night, I spent some time painting, but most of my hobby time in the evening was spent (gasp) organizing some stuff for a possible 40k game on Thursday. As I have said, the system of choice at the FLGS is 40k, or sometimes WFB. Either way, if I want to convert them, or even sometimes just get in a game, I need to be prepared to play The Other Game.

Now, I will admit that I have both a certain nostalgia for GW games, and, on the whole, I don't think that there is anything wrong with GW games. Both WFB and 40k have always had the feel of being "club games" - the kind where you get together with some friends, have a few drinks, something to eat, roll some dice, and push little metal & plastic men around the table for a while. The rules are loose, and sometimes more than a little vague, which is great when you are playing with your friends, but not so hot at the tourney level. At the tourney level, I would not be playing GW games.

(When I want to play tight, well-written rules, I turn to Warmahordes. And, as an added bonus, it's fun for more casual games too.)

Anyway, so Wedesday night, I hauled out some of my Tau, and put together an army list for them. And wound up not playing it. I got to the FLGS a little late on Thursday, and games were already in session, so I just basically hung out. But, I did convince someone to stop by Saturday afternoon for a demo.

He was at GenCon, and got kind of an abbreviated demo. It was enough to whet his appetite for the game, and he has already decided that he wants to play Khador, so hopefully tomorrow I can walk him through a more involved demo, and get him hooked.

This brings me to tonight. Instead of painting tonight, I really just spent the time trying to organize stuff. I wind up bringing a lot of stuff with me on Saturdays, mainly because I want to be able to show off pretty much any of the starter boxes in the game. So I sat down and looked over the list of forces in the Journeyman league. I cannot field the Retribution (even though I have a pretty decent Retribution force), nor can I field Capt'n Bart, and I have to proxy Madhammer as Gorten, but other than that, I think I can field everything else. (Maybe not the alt. Menoth starter - wait until the 2-player set is out!) I have everything set up and packed up for tomorrow, as well as some extra stuff, since people are starting to move past the battle box and into 15 point games. With any luck, the store can get PP stuff in soon, and we will start the Journeyman league by the end of September.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Swamp bases & Gators

After several fits & starts, I finally finished up a couple of the Gatorman Posse. Now that I know what I want to do with these, I should be able to knock out the two full units in short order, if I were to actually sit down and work on them*. Again, sorry about the poor quality of the pictures, but the basement is a pretty bad place for taking pictures.

* It's not snark. In addition to working on those, and some Pygs, I have been working on some giant rats for my Skaven, some 40k Ork Boyz, Discordia, and a Phoenix. Oh, and I need to finish stripping some Gun Mages, so I can reprime them and start doing them in Fort Falk grey. . . .

Monday, August 29, 2011

Not much to say today

I might have more tonight or tomorrow, but I did not get much painting done this weekend, and, frankly, most of what I painted were bases. I did get some WFB Skaven assembled and primed, and did some work on some Pyg Burrowers, but just not a lot of time down in the basement painting for the past few days - too much gaming going on.

On the FLGS note - it looks like my FLGS will finally be able to stock Warmahordes. He has apparently been having some trouble with his current distributor, and I think I found him an alternative. I gave him the info on Saturday, and I should know on Thursday or Saturday if he can start ordering stuff. If he can, I figure I will order a couple of things right then, to get the ball rolling, and hopefully he will start carrying at least a copy of Prime and some battleboxes in stock. He also said that the Journeyman League sounded like a good idea, so we might be doing that.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Terrain for trade

Not sure how much traffic I really get, but meh - I think I will establish a trade category now anyway, just for future use.

I made this stuff for a game store some time ago. Unfortunately, most of his current customers are CCG players, so it has come back to me. I don't want it in the basement, so it's coming here. If you need additional pics, let me know.

Wizard Tower – link to pic

Octagon Tower – link to pic

Defensive Walls – link to pic

Craters – link to pic

Hills (flat) – link to pic

Hills (beveled) – link to pic

Dungeon – link to pic

I have a fairly ridiculous amount of the hills – probably several hundred, if I included ones which are not yet finished. All the Hirst arts stuff was poured using ultracal 30. I made this as a fairly quick project, so some pieces may have bubbles visible.

The buildings I can generally sell for $30 USD or so, the dungeon $60 USD to $75, and the other stuff about $5 USD each (the hills for a bit less, depending on how big they are). If you don't like those prices – make a counter offer.

I am looking for cash (most versatile), but would consider trades for Warmahordes figs (just lmk what you have), Heavy Gear (especially Arena or 2-player stater), 40k or WFB forces (mainly interested in NIB, but you never know – LMK what you have!), 15mm DBA armies (pref. Essex), or Hail Caesar! Heck, I might take ACW, 15mm Nappies, Nappy naval, etc. .

Gaming and pragmatism

So, on a semi-regular basis, I have been making the trek to a FLGS on Thursdays. Thursdays is generally their Warhammer night, and I am trying to get people to consider adding Warmachine or Hordes to their game rotation. As a practical matter, this means that my Thursdays will probably be spent playing 40k or WFB and making small talk about other systems for the better part of half a year, while also trying to drum up people for Saturdays (which is our designated WM slot.)

FWIW - the store owner is fine with me coming in to play on Thursdays, in part because I do buy paints, brushes, etc, even if I have not been buying WFB or 40k stuff. But, since my GW stuff is a little lacking, I'll probably wind up buying some Skaven or Orks in the next few months, just because I happen to be playing 40k on a Thursday night instead of WM.

40k may not be my game of choice, but I will probably get more people to add WM if I am seen playing both games as well.

Pics from the PG app

Realized that I never did post these. Poor quality, but should be good enough, right? I really need to invest in a lightbox or something.



Anyway, I have been working on some other figs - a unit of gun mages is currently soaking in Pine Sol to get them ready for repainting, a Squire, magnetized Cygnar heavy and a Firefly are coming along, and I should be about ready to finish the basing on those poor Gators.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pics tomorrow

Tonight I finished a machine wraith and an agonizer. Okay, the basing needs to be finished, and they need to be sealed. No biggie - those will be done well before lunch. My "completed" list grows a little, which helps offset some of the recent purchases.

No final deal on my Warmaster stuff, and I am about to relist some terrain, so my collection hasn't grown in a few days. Probably a good thing, considering.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

And the count goes up again

Stopped over at Black Sun Games this morning, and then headed over to Games Plus after. At Black Sun, I picked up a Grenadier and Kraye (both had MK I cards, but that's not a big deal, as I have spare MK II), so my current count is 609. (I think - the touch is recharging, so I cannot check my collection list).

At Games Plus, while I did not get in a game, that was by choice, since I planning on painting anyway. I got some base colors down on some Retribution myrmidons, a bit of work on some gators, a little work done on an Agonizer, and maybe a couple of other things. I was planning on working on one of the battle engines too, but just didn't have the time. Next time we are in town, I have to make sure that I have an army of three.

In the meantime, I am consider a Kraye army, and possibly the new eHaley theme force - anything that lets me use multiple battle engines (with tokens at the start!) can't be all bad, can it?

Grrr. . . navigation error

I was hoping to stop by Black Sun Games tonight before they closed, but due to an error between the steering wheel and the seat, I did not make it. I plan on making it tomorrow - I have a tentative deal to get rid of some old Warmaster stuff, and I am kind of thinking about getting some figs towards a Storm Bringers eHaley list. I am missing a lot of it, but the deal would let me get most of what I am missing, I hope.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Now I have to put them together. . .

Got back from Scout camp, and I find that a package has arrived for me. I may not have gotten to GenCon, but at least I did get a Storm Strider and a AFG as compensation. Sure, they weren't new releases, but they are new to me.

Now I want to make sure that I get them together before next Saturday at the FLGS. A couple of battle engines should make a splash. I might try and get them together and take them to work on for the next 40k night too.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

And then there were three. . . .

So, today at the FLGS (L&J Hobbies), there were actually three of us. And, even stranger - all at once. I lost (and badly, I might add) using an ad hoc Cygnar force to Kharchev. I always seem to forget just how fast he can slingshot those jacks forward. And then the Khador player went up against a rookie Skorne player, using Khador and Skorne battleboxes. That one came pretty much down to the wire, with Morghul managing to take out Sorscha.

Hopefully, as summer winds down in the next couple of weeks, and people get back to their normal schedules, we will start seeing our player base stabilize and grow. We have anywhere from five to eight people who have expressed interest, and have armies, so once six or so start showing up on a regular basis, we should be okay.

Unfortunately, we have no space to play next week - the store is running a 40k 'Ard Boyz tourney, and there are still more 40k players than Warmahordes players. For now.

I do think that I am going to have to sit down and plan 35 point armies for as many factions as I can, using mainly the figs in the battleboxes (or, at most, changing the caster), so that I can put up a better fight, and so that ew can rope in new players more easily.

Friday, August 5, 2011

The miniature turnstile

So, in the process of cleaning out the basement a few weeks ago, I came across some old Clan War figs that I had picked up at one point. I still have something like 4 copies of the box set, mainly because they came with 60 metal figs, so I have the core of a lot of armies out there, if I ever get around to playing the game again. But I also had some Naga - not much, but enough that it would get an army started.

The Naga have been sitting in a box, still in blisters, through a couple of moves, by my reckoning, and I had to face the fact that I may never get around to doing anything with them. So, I posted notices in a couple of places, and sold them off.

And took the money, and ordered an Arcantic Force Generator (aka Space Cricket) and a Storm Strider. The smart thing would have been to add a like amount (in dollar terms) to Legion and Khador, but meh, I wanted me some battle engines.

Too bad the internet has spoiled me - I ordered them, and I want them NOW! dangit.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Minor vent - I figure the few who read will understand.

I was working on some Gatormen last night. The figs are basically done, aside from the base, and I was wanting to do some water effects. (You can probably see where this is going already, right?.) I seal off the holes in the base using plasticard and glue, then paint the whole thing. When it is dry, I superglue a couple of "logs" and some other things, wait a bit, and then pour the water effect goop, which I had dyed an appropriate swamp-water color.

Go down this morning to check on it, and discover that I didn't quite seal off the base as well as I thought, and, all the water effects, being liquid until it sets, have basically run out the tiny hole I missed.

Nothing was ruined, it was just really annoying.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Small painting update

The end of the July and early August are busy times for me this year, and sadly has little to do with gaming. No GenCon for me this year - instead, it has been family things which have been occupying me time. No complaints about it, actually, but doing more things with the family means less time for gaming. . . .and painting.

As I said the other day, my model count when up by two, although one of them was painted, although not by me, so I'm not counting it. Tonight, I sat down at the table, and my first thought was "Now what?" I finished off the battleboxes, so I did not have an actual project per se. Rather than start on a couple of warpacks (though I intend to do them soon enough), I decided to go after some low-hanging fruit, and finish off some nearly-completed models.

I didn't finish them, but an agonizer, a pistol wraith, a machine wraith, and a minimum unit of gatormen got a little closer tonight. I might have them done by the Thursday. If not, they won't be done for a while, since I won't be able to paint again (most likely) until the middle of the month. I also got some work done on ten Ork boyz - I have decided that I should work on my 40k stuff, since I may need to play some games with the Thursday group before I switch them over to Warmachine and Hordes.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Filled out my app

Filled out and submitted my app to become a press ganger. Now, nothing to do but wait - and, with GenCon on the horizon, I figure it will be a couple of weeks before I hear aynthing one way or another.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Added two more

See, it's easy to just randomly add figs. Tonight, I went to Unique Gifts & Games because I had them holding the new NQ for me, as well as a Legion MK II deck. I took my son along, because it got him out of the house for a bit, and that way he could get some more exposure to my hobbies. Anyway, not only did I pick those up, but Targ is out, and the good Dr. Arkadius needs some help from time to time. Targ is useful now, but I think he will be more so once Thornfall has more choices than the War Hog and the Gun Boar.

The store also has some figs on sale, consignment style. I have been able to resist the Pirate-based army so far - it's expensive, but not really more than simply buying all the models anyway. I could resist the Bloat Thrall, and the Reaper, but a painted Nomad for a mere $15 got the best of me. It's not a great jack, but it is cheap, and it helps bulk up Magnus a little bit. I had planned on getting one anyway.

So, my total model count goes up by 2 for the night, bringing me to 604. If I count the Nomad as done, I would have 15 done - actually more, because I have a bunch of Cygnar and Menoth figs that are "done" in the sense of "Someone else painted them, and I haven't stripped them yet."

Random post

So, over the past couple of days, I have been thinking about this post, over at Iron Kingdoms at War. I pretty much agree with the whole thing - on the whole, I can think of many games I would rather play than 40k or WFB, but there is also no denying that it is often the only non-historical (war)game in town. So, since I must sometimes play 40k or WFB with people before I can convince them to play Warmahordes, I should probably keep somewhat up on the rules and maintain a small army.

But that doesn't mean that I need 4 separate 40k armies. Right now, I have Tau, I have Orks, I have Marines (who doesn't, right?), and I have Imperial Guard. Over on Bartertown, I thought I might have a trade going - all of my Tau for a pretty nice chunk of Menoth, enough that, while I would be missing some units (Cleansers, Cinerators, Bastions), and would have duplicates of a couple of casters, it was certainly a good deal for me. (And for the other party - I believe it was something like $750, in War Store prices, for the Menoth, and well over $1250 base retail for the Tau.)

It's been a couple of days though, and my initial excitement at getting rid of some GW, and turning Menoth from suddenly my third or fourth largest Warmachine army to my largest overnight has somewhat evaporated in the waiting process. (Never fear - I'm still committed to the deal, if the other party is as well.) If the deal falls through, I may keep my Tau, since I still have the current codex, and it's pretty playable, in theory. But my Guard Tank army isn't, since I lack the current codex. Maybe I should peel off half a dozen tanks or so, and see what kind of Warmahordes stuff I could get for them.

No pics, but they are done.

OKay, technically, not quite done. I need to finish up the bases, and then seal them, but my Khador and Cygnar battleboxes are done. Finished. Painted. Completely. Not as well as I would like, but well enough for hardcore standards, and, more importantly, well enough for me to snap some pics of tomorrow and put in an application. With any luck, my area of Michigan will have a press ganger soon. Well, soon-ish, since it is con season and all.

I think tomorrow I will start on a couple of the Hordes warpacks. Probably trolls and either Everblight or Circle. Nothing against Skorne, but I would have to fix two of the savages, or assemble two savages (yes, I have four of them - my Skorne army is unpainted, but unbound material nonetheless), and then get my gladiator back together. Fixing a couple damaged figs doesn't seem as easy as putting either a warpwolf or a carnivean together, although that may be famous last words.

Oh yeah - getting those 5 models finished (the entire Cygnar group plus Sorscha) will bring my total number of painted models to 14. Only 588 to go. (But see another post about that.)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Battleboxes are almost done

They're almost there. Close, so close. With any luck, and a bit of work, tomorrow night, I can wrap these up, with everything done except for the clear coat. The Khador jacks are already done, of course, but the Cygnar jacks are down to detail work and touchups, and both casters are actually pretty close to being done to tabletop standard. It's not my best work, but they're not something I'm planning on stripping down as soon as possible either.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

No dice at the demo

Well, yesterday's demo was a bust. I was there, talked up the game to people, but id not do a single demo game. Meh. It happens, and since the store is still working on getting some PP items in stock, it's admittedly a little harder to get people interested. I am thinking that, once my battle box armies are done, I will leave them there, in the display case, along with a copy of the quick start rules, so that people can look at them.

I know it can take a while to get a group going, so I am not disappointed yet. And I did get some stuff assembled, and next time, I will be bringing along paints, so I can't call it a waste of time.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Thursday gaming

So, last night, instead of making the drive east, I headed west. The goal was to stop by the closer store on a Thursday night, aka "Warhammer Night" and see if I could start peeling any players away.

I did manage to run one demo game, playing against someone who had been a Menoth player in MK I, but had switched back to Warhammer before MK II came out. He managed to kill Sorscha on a lucky hit - truly so, he had to have Kreoss charge his own Crusader in order to get close enough to pop his feat, and then he spelled poor Sorscha, whacking her with Immolation until she died - which she did, on a roll of boxcars just as he ran out of focus. Had it failed, Kreoss was going down on the my next turn, but that's what the game is all about.

He and I talked about the changes in the game, and I have offered to loan him my MK II Menoth deck whenever I am there, if he wants to play beyond the battlebox. With any luck, we've picked up another player for Saturdays, which gets us a little closer to the day when we have a regular Saturday group of 6 to 8 players.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Quick Khador and Circle pics

Took these in a hurry, so the quality is low, but it's proof that I am doing something.




I'll take better pics tomorrow, but my Khador battlegroup is almost done. Sorscha is better than half done - I hope to finish the skin tones, the hat & hair, and maybe the cloak tomorrow. Heck, if the kids play in the basement (thank you heat index of 100+), then that means more painting time. I would love to have Sorscha done before the weekend - it would mean that I have a pretty good chance of getting both battleboxes done before the end of the month, as my Cygnar jacks are almost done, and Stryker is at least started.

The shifting stones were just to get them out of the way, as I said. They were low-hanging fruit. I also started the base colors on my shredders, and did some assembly on the carnivean.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

While the batteries charge. . .

The batteries in the camera need to be recharged, so no pics until later tonight, but I actually finished some models yesterday!

Yes, it's true. It's also not too impressive - I finally finished off the unit of Shifting Stones that have been 75% done or so for oh, I don't know, two years? But, they are finally done, based, and sealed. I go from four completed models to seven, which is a huge improvement, in terms of raw numbers, but weighed against the unpainted? A scratch.

I still have 595 models to go.

On the plus side, I might actually get my two Khador jacks done tonight, and possibly my Defender and Lancer as well. Even if I don't, I will be taking pics of them and posting them, just because. I really, really want to start knocking at least battlebox armies out of the way, and not just for ulterior motives.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Continuing saga of starting a new group

So, today is another chapter in my quest to get a Warmahordes group going in Kalamazoo. We average about two people per attempt, which is not great, but since the store doesn't have any PP stuff in stock yet, and there had been no signage, it is what it is.

Today wasn't even that good, since I did not actually play a game or do a demo. But, a couple of the regulars dropped by (could not stay because of family commitments), and I talked up the game with several former players, who might now be coming back to the fold.

I also made up a flyer, announcing a date and a time for demos, and noted that (1) it was free, and (2) everything would be provided. I have also been told that I should stop by on a Warhammer night, because "there are a lot of impressionable minds that you might sway." (That's a quote, BTW - and not from me.)

So, no gaming, but I did get my Ogrun Assault Corps assembled, did some work on my Bloodgorgers, and some random minor assembly. And learned a few things about airbrushes, which will be handy, if I ever decide to paint my Imperial Guard tanks.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bartertown is back.

Looks like B'town is coming back. I'm getting some funny error messages about reading messages and the like, but it appears that trading can begin once again.

Good thing, too. I have a trade pending for some Khador and Everblight stuff, but those two armies will need a lot of padding before they can start to be more than 25 point games.

WIP & Color test

Just posting to prove that I haven't been lounging in the basement, goofing off and ignoring the piles of unpainted metal. (Sure, others have more, but I just view that as a challenge. Besides, even though Bartertown is currently down, I still collect new figs faster than I paint them. So, these are all WIPs or color tests, since each one is basically the beginning of a new army. (Heck, who am I kidding - I have four (4!) figures painted. Everything could be a color test for a new army.)

Anyway, first up is Khador.


As you may guess, my Khador will be loosely modelled after WW II Soviet forces - it fits thematically, and, since I have a bunch of Strelkovy sitting around for Flames of War, I had the paints too. This is the whitewash winter scheme - the whitewash had a tendency to wear off, especially around the edges, which is what I am going for here.

Next up is Cygnar.


The Cygnar is based off one of the alternate color schemes in one of the later MK I expansions, Escalation. This one is Fort Falk, which I prefer to the normal Cygnar blue. I might do my Magnus figs in the deeper blue that got mentioned somewhere in the fluff, however. (For the record - my Menoth will probably be in the Sanguine Escutcheon color scheme. Not far enough along on anything for it to be worth a pic though.)

Here we have my attempt to match Tonka yellow:


It's a little closer than it looks in the photo, but it's not quite what I want just yet. Unfortunately, I am not sure I wrote down all the steps, so I need to do a couple armor plates on another Rhulic jack soon, just to see if I am correct.

Last, but not least - I decided that I might strip my partially painted Retribution figs, and go back to square one.


It's simple, it's easy, and I think it will work well when I finally buy and paint my battle cricket. . . .I mean, Arcane Force Generator.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Painting update

No pics, because I just didn't take any tonight, but I am still getting some painting done. Well, not done. More like, I go down to the basement, and basically putter around for an hour or so, and pretend that somehow, through some sort of osmotic process, the paint will magically move from the bottles onto the miniatures.

That's not entirely true, but it certainly feels like it. I have been listening to some various Warmachine podcasts when I am down there, for some sort of incentive, but I keep breaking to look up something in the book, or read the card(s) while they are talking about a particular figure or strategy. But there is progress.

Tonight, I managed to get more done on my Juggernaut and Destroyer, did the basing for my Defender, prepped the base on the Charger, did some detail work on the Lancer, some work on a unit of Shifting Stones. . . I did more, but I don't recall on what. I am still trying to paint almost every day, and I want to finish up some battleboxes as soon as possible. I just paint slowly, in addition to being easily distracted by shiny objects.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Food for thought

Over on Plastic Legions, there is a post about how a game can change over the years, and a game that was a favorite just somehow, over the course of several editions, becomes less appealing than it was before. It's definitely food for thought.

I mean, yes, I label myself rather proudly as an army altaholic, and I will readily and happily confess to being ready to loose a game in as many systems as possible. But my 40k and WFB have been gathering dust for several years, more or less, and maybe I could cut an army or three loose. I mean, I have an IG army with something like 10 or 12 Leman Russ tanks that I haven't used in the dice gods only know how long, and the same goes for my Tau. Both have been sitting, waiting for me to break down and get an airbrush, rather than paint a couple dozen vehicles with a brush. Either one of those has got to be worth a reasonable Warmachine or Hordes army, if not something for another system.

On the other hand - we have moved because of my wife's job before, and it is always a distinct possibility that we will have to do so again. And no matter how popular Warmachine, or DBA, or Uncharted Seas might be here, our next location might be another gaming desert, where it is either GW games, or nothing. It has happened before, and, speaking from experience, it is generally easier (and cheaper) to pick up the current rulebook, codex, and a unit or three than try to start again from scratch.

I'll be thinking about it, but if someone makes a random offer, say Legion of Everblight or Khador, for a lot of armored guard, or a decent-sized Tau army, I might think about it a lot more.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hooray for Rhulic!

So, since there were no responses (means I need more readers), I decided to go with my Rhulic figs. Because I am trying to avoid running proxies when possible, I wound up with the following list:

Durgen Madhammer
  • Basher
  • Gunner
  • Gunner
  • Rockram
Thor Steinhammer
  • Driller
  • Blaster
Ogrun Assault Corps (full unit)

They fared pretty well. I lost Thor, the Driller, the Blaster, one Ogrun and one Gunbunny before the store had to close, but I did manage to put the hurt on the Cygnar player opposite me, and a couple lucky rolls let me take out Stryker. I do need to pick up a few actual units, but I must admit, the Durgen's feat and the Assault Corps, plus a few Explosivo on the jacks was a lot of fun.

And, my new model count goes up by one - I picked up Ossyan tonight as well.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Poll question

Go ahead and choose - I should be getting to play tomorrow. Do I lose with Retribution (likely Rahn, unless Ossyan is at the FLGS), Trolls, or my brand-new, never used by me before, Rhulic army? I'm leaning toward the dwarves, simply because (a) I haven't used them before; (b) I have a full Ogrun Assault Corps, and (c) I bought shiny new dice to go with their eventual, Tonka-style paint job.

Call now, operators are standing by, calls are only $3.99/minute, 5 minute minimum. Or, just leave a comment. Whichever.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Progress report

Well, I did not get as much time in the basement as I had hoped, nor was it terribly productive. Still, I started laying down the base colors for the Menoth battlebox, did some detail work on the Cygnar 'jacks, base skin tone on the Argus models, and put together a couple of models.

Monday, July 4, 2011


Didn't do much today, for various and sundry reasons. I did put the heads on my unit of Invictors, though they are still armless. I want to get them together in the next few days, so they can be primed and started. I might get down to the basement again later tonight, but I probably won't get much done then either.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Inventory day (part 2)

So, per iBodger, here is the final tally:

Collection Name: Omnibus
Models: 601
1 Adeptis Rahn
1 Agonizer
1 Alten Ashley, Monster Hunter
2 Ancestral Guardian
1 Aptimus Marketh
2 Gun Mage Leader
10 Gun Mage Grunt
1 Arcanist
2 Argus
1 Iron Lich Asphyxious
1 Baldur the Stonecleaver
1 Bane Thrall Leader
5 Bane Thrall Grunt
1 Basilisk Drake
1 Basilisk Krea
1 Bile Thrall Leader
5 Bile Thrall Grunt
2 Blackhide Wrastler
1 Bloat Thrall
1 Bloodgorger Leader
9 Bloodgorger Grunt
1 Bloodrunner Master Tormentor
1 Bloody Barnabas
2 Bog Trog Leader
14 Bog Trog Grunt
1 Bronzeback Titan
1 Bull Snapper
1 The Butcher of Khardov
1 Lieutenant Allister Caine
1 Calaban the Grave Walker
1 Captain Gunnbjorn
1 Carnivean
1 Cataphract Arcuarii Leader
5 Cataphract Arcuarii Grunt
1 Cataphract Cetrati Leader
5 Cataphract Cetrati Grunt
1 Classic Charger
1 Charger
1 Chimera
1 Choir of Menoth Leader
5 Choir of Menoth Grunt
1 Croak Hunter
1 Classic Crusader
4 Cyclops Savage
1 Cyclops Shaman
1 Dawnguard Invictor Leader
9 Dawnguard Invictor Grunt
1 Dawnlord Vyros
2 Classic Deathripper
1 Defender
1 Classic Defiler
1 Warwitch Deneghra
1 Classic Destroyer
2 Devout
1 Dire Troll Blitzer
2 Dire Troll Mauler
1 Dire Troll Mauler Extreme
1 Discordia
1 Dr. Arkadius
1 Stoneward
5 Woldstalker
1 Druid Wilder
1 Druid of Orboros Leader
5 Druid of Orboros Grunt
1 Durgen Madhammer
1 Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios
1 Extoller Soulward
1 Farrow Bone Grinder Leader
5 Farrow Bone Grinder Grunt
2 Farrow Brigand Leader
18 Farrow Brigand Grunt
1 Fell Caller Hero
1 Feora, Priestess of the Flame
1 Feral Warpwolf
1 Firefly
1 Garryth, Blade of Retribution
2 Gatorman Leader
8 Gatorman Grunt
1 General Gerlak Slaughterborn
1 Ghordson Basher
2 Ghordson Driller
1 Ghost Sniper
1 Gorgon
1 Greygore Boomhowler
5 Boomhowler Trollkin
1 Grim Angus
1 Grissel Bloodsong, Fell Caller
2 Grundback Blaster
3 Grundback Gunner
1 Gudrun the Wanderer
2 Gun Boar
1 Gun Mage Captain Adept
1 Hakaar the Destroyer
1 Houseguard Halberdier Officer
1 Houseguard Halberdier Standard Bearer
1 Captain Victoria Haley
1 Captain Victoria Haley (variant)
1 Hoarluk Doomshaper, Shaman of the Gnarls
1 Hoarluk Doomshaper, Rage of Dhunia
1 House Shyeel Artificer
3 House Shyeel Battle Mage Leader
15 House Shyeel Battle Mage Grunt
3 House Shyeel Magister
1 Houseguard Halberdier Leader
9 Houseguard Halberdier Grunt
1 Houseguard Rifleman Leader
9 Houseguard Rifleman Grunt
1 Immortal Leader
9 Immortal Grunt
1 Ironback Spitter
1 Ironclad
1 Janissa Stonetide
1 Journeyman Warcaster
1 Classic Juggernaut
1 Kaya the Wildborne
1 Knights Exemplar Leader
5 Knights Exemplar Grunt
1 Knights Exemplar Seneschal
2 High Exemplar Kreoss
1 Krielstone Bearer
5 Krielstone Grunt
1 Lancer
1 Lich Lord Terminus
1 Lord Carver, BMMD, Esq. III
2 Lord Tyrant Hexeris
1 Lord of the Feast
1 Lylyth, Herald of Everblight
1 Machine Wraith
1 Madrak Ironhide, Thornwood Chieftain
1 Madrak Ironhide, World Ender
1 Mage Hunter Assassin
1 Mage Hunter Strike Force Leader
9 Mage Hunter Strike Force Grunt
1 Magnus the Traitor
1 Major Markus 'Siege' Brisbane
2 Archdomina Makeda
1 Mangler
1 Manticore
1 Mechanithrall Leader
5 Mechanithrall Grunt
1 Mohsar the Desertwalker
1 Molik Karn
1 Master Tormentor Morghoul
1 Lord Assassin Morghoul
1 Morvahna the Autumnblade
1 Mulg the Ancient
1 Narn, Mage Hunter of Ios
1 Necrotech
1 Ogrun Assault Corps Leader
4 Ogrun Assault Corps Grunt
1 Ogrun Bokur
2 Paingiver Leader
10 Paingiver Grunt
1 Bloodrunner Leader
5 Bloodrunner Grunt
1 Phoenix
1 Pistol Wraith
1 Praetorian Karax Leader
9 Praetorian Karax Grunt
2 Praetorian Swordsman Leader
18 Praetorian Swordsman Grunt
1 Pyg Burrower Leader
8 Pyg Burrower Grunt
2 Pyg Bushwacker Leader
14 Pyg Bushwacker Grunt
1 Pyre Troll
1 Classic Reaper
1 The High Reclaimer
1 Renegade
1 Classic Repenter
1 Revenant Leader
9 Revenant Grunt
2 Classic Revenger
1 Houseguard Rifleman Officer
1 Houseguard Rifleman Standard Bearer
1 Runebearer
1 Saxon Orrik
4 Scrap Thrall
1 Scrapjack
1 Seether
3 Shifting Stones
4 Shredder
1 Skarlock Thrall
1 Pirate Queen Skarre
1 Slag Troll
2 Classic Slayer
1 Kommander Sorscha
1 Soulhunter Leader
4 Soulhunter Grunt
1 Squire
1 Stalker
1 Stone Keeper
1 Stone Scribe Elder
1 Stormblade Officer
1 Stormblade Standard Bearer
1 Stormblade Storm Gunner
2 Stormblade Leader
12 Stormblade Grunt
1 Stormguard Leader
7 Stormguard Grunt
3 Stormsmith Stormcaller
1 Commander Coleman Stryker (plastic)
1 Supreme Aptimus Zaal
1 Kovaas
1 Swamp Gobber Leader
1 Swamp Gobber Grunt
1 Swamp Troll
1 Talon
2 Temple Flameguard Leader
10 Temple Flameguard Grunt
1 Thagrosh, Prophet of Everblight
1 Thor Steinhammer
1 Thumper Leader
2 Thumper Grunt
1 Thunderhead
2 Titan Cannoneer
2 Titan Gladiator
1 Totem Hunter
1 Trencher Chain Gun Gunner
1 Trencher Chain Gun Crewman
1 Trencher Leader
5 Trencher Grunt
2 Troll Axer
1 Troll Bouncer
3 Troll Impaler
1 Trollkin Champion Leader
4 Trollkin Champion Grunt
1 Fennblade Leader
9 Fennblade Grunt
1 Trollkin Scattergunner Leader
9 Trollkin Scattergunner Grunt
1 Tyrant Commander
1 Tyrant Standard Bearer
1 Tyrant Xerxis
1 Vayl, Disciple of Everblight
1 Venator Catapult Leader
2 Venator Catapult Grunt
1 Venator Officer
1 Venator Standard Bearer
1 Venator Leader
9 Venator Grunt
1 Viktor Pendrake
1 Vladimir, The Dark Prince
1 Vladimir Tzepeschi (variant)
1 Void Seer Mordikaar
2 War Hog
1 Winter Troll
1 Witch Coven - Helleana
1 Witch Coven - Morgaen
1 Witch Coven - Selene
1 Egregore
1 Wold Guardian
1 Woldwarden
1 Woldwatcher
1 Woldwyrd
1 Wolf of Orboros Leader
5 Wolf of Orboros Grunt
3 Wrack
1 Wroughthammer Rockram
1 Zevanna Agha, Old Witch of Khador

Yep, 601 figures. On a faction basis, it breaks down as follows:

Cryx - 69 models
Circle - 35 models
Cygnar - 64 models
Legion - 8 models
Khador - 8 models
Skorne - 117 models
Menoth - 38 models
Trollbloods - 85 models
Retribution - 79 models
Minions - 71 models
Mercenaries - 27 models

The sad thing is that 4 of them are painted. Yep, 4. There are more that are "done," but I am not counting them, since they are headed for the strip bath later on this week. There are perhaps 50 or 60 more that are very close to being finished - a few evenings of dedicated work would finish the unit of Immortals, a minimum unit of Gatormen, a couple of Cryx jacks, Hakar, and so forth. And, for the record, although not everything is assembled and primed, most of it is, and most models even have some color on them. (Yes, I am grasping at straws here. . . cut me some slack, right?)

Anyway, in addition to the inventory, and the priming of the two models earlier, I got the backpacks onto a full unit (plus command) of Houseguard riflemen, and they got primed as well. Not the most productive day, but certainly not something to be ashamed of, either.