Monday, October 13, 2014

Delay of game

So, the JR league was delayed by a week, so as to avoid conflict with an Exigence release event in a nearby town.  Unfortunately, I could not attend the event, so I got in a game at my FLGS.  I decided on running Circle for a while, since I figure it was a good way to bone up on my power attacks and general movement shenanigans. I'm not planning on being uber-competitve, and I chose Kromac because I like the model, and I kind of wanted to paint some Tharn.

So, Kromac and some beasts don't generally do well against Saeryn, a Scythean and a Serpah, and yeah, that game was ugly.  If I had been thinking, I might have actually managed to pull it off, but I have gotten out of the habit of slamming my own models, and basically conceded the game.

I tried Kromac again today, against pSorscha, and I came close to killing her.  Mainly because she lined up a few inches behind one of her jacks, and well within the Gnarlhorns slam range.  I just could not seal the deal, and on the other players turn, he stood, popped feat, and killed my poor frozen Kromac.  Definitely a "go big, or go home," moment, and I figured that I had at least a 50/50 chance of winning.  And, if nothing else, it was fun as hell.

I have to hold on painting anything until Saturday though, since that is the official start date.  In the meantime, I am just trying to get stuff assembled and primed.  I hope to get at least 3-4 beasts done this month, and start work on Kromac and some Tharn.  Should be fun, painting something that isn't a robot, and just because.  Hell, it's fun playing games, instead of running things and teaching all the time.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Welcome back!

So, I think yesterday might have been my first actual games of anything (well, miniatures-related) in several months.  I still had to carve out the time, and my utter lack of playing made did not help my already mediocre skills.  In the end, I went 1-2 in a Who's the Boss event.

I ran Khador - so, basically a standard Winterguard death star (with only 2 rockets though, since that is all I had), Kovnik Joe, a Decimator, War Dog, pEiryss, Harlan Versh, Widowmakers and a Gun Carriage.  Oddly enough, of the 8 players, 3 wound up playing Khador - and all three had the WG deathstar/Kovnik Joe/Widowmakers core.

I did okay on first round, with eAbby popping feat and delivering a flying Decimator to Sturm & Drang.  Round 2 was bad - I faced pKreoss and 2 Archangels.  Pop & drop and 2 Archangels to the face did bad things to my army, though I did manage to take out on of the archangels before losing the game.  Axis plus feat plus charging an archangel let me claim some moral victory, before Kreoss killed him.

Round 3 was against one of the other Khador players.  He was running Behemoth and Kayazy, plus the deathstar core.  pLylyth did okay, but a timely feat from the Witch Coven prevented me from doing a lot of damage with the 4" templates from the gun carriage (I did not need to hit the kayazy, just drop it somewhere in their general direction, and I was sure to catch a couple), and he trampled Behemoth into a position where, when Versh failed to kill him (though I did cripple both arms), he shot pLylyth to death.  (I had my choice of losing via caster assassination or scenario, but I was going to lose when he started his final turn.)

Anyway, we had in excess of 125 casters, I believe, and I supplied about 115 of them.  (Other players could have supplied more, but I wanted to see how many I really had, and it was easier that as much as possible belong to me, so that, in the event of breakage, it was less of a big deal.)  We certainly plan on running it again, so I guess I have 4-5 months to get a few more casters, and to see if I can actually get some of them painted.  I'd like to have everything fully primed, and base colors on most of them, but a lot of that will depend on how busy the rest of this year winds up being.

We start up a JR league next week, and the other PG is going to run it.  So, I get to play for a change.  We can make our own battlebox, with 12 points (plus jack/beast points), but no epics or character jacks/beasts.  I need to decide on a faction and a caster in the next few days.