Thursday, June 30, 2011

A random WIP

OKay, so Tuesday night, I didn't get anything done. Sure, I got the lawn back under control (much to the disappointment of H. M. Stanley, who must look for Dr. Livingstone elsewhere), and assembled a literal behemoth of a desk, but I did not get any real painting done. Last night was an improvement, however, and although I did not paint any figs, I worked on assembly of a full unit of Ogrun Assault Corps and a full unit of Bloodgorgers.

I also spent some time working on this, my new dice tower:



Sorry about the quality of the pics - I wanted to take something quickly, and show figs for scale, and the primed Styker did not help.

So, tonight, I will wind up doing one of two things: either I get to go and get a game in, in which case I will not be painting, or I will be spending some quality time with my brushes and paints, in which case I might get some more stuff moved along.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Last night, and impending distraction

So, my goal for this week is not to finish any particular figure, color, or the like. Rather, my goal this week is to spend at least seven hours at my painting table, whether it is trimming, priming, basing, painting, whatever. I want to firmly establish the habit of me going down to the basement, almost every day, for at least a brief period, and working on stuff.

And no, time spend sitting at the table, head in hands, moaning "Oh $%($^%, look at all the unpainted $%)$*%" does not count.

So anyway, last night, I pinned and glued a Bull Snapper, worked on pStryker a little, did some base colors on a Firefly, did some detail work on four Reaper CAV figs, some touch up on my dice tower, fixed my Mangler (right arm had popped off, not surprising since it was never pinned. It is now.) and probably a couple of other things that escape my memory.

And yes, tonight I hope to get down there again, once I have cowed the lawn into submission and put together the new computer desk. And again tomorrow night. But, any victories (other than time in that uncomfortable chair) are short-lived, since I am looking at yet another possible trade - a Warmaster army of mine that has been gathering dust, in exchange for some Khador and Legion figs. With some careful choices, and a fruitful negotiation, the only thing that will keep me from fielding at least 35 points in every faction is the fact that I am still missing the MK II Legion deck.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

No time to paint lately.

I didn't get much painting done this week. I did get the base colors down on the magnetized Cygnar heavyand I built a dice tower. I'll be posting pics tomorrow at some point, and, with any luck, I will even get in some painting time.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

More distractions

Wrath arrived today, along with the Ogrun Assault Corps, and a merc deck. Magnus, Boomhowler, and other MK I figs are now playable, and I have only two factions to go in order to have something beyond the battlebox for all of them.

And, in a related note - I was contemplating dumping one of my Warmaster armies, and even put it up a few weeks ago, and, out of the blue, I get a couple trade offers on it today. Now, I have to decide - because one offer is Khador, and one is Legion. . . .

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New day, new distraction

It's still Warmachine related, but the mail today brought some Rhulic goodness. I picked up the following figs:

Durgen Madhammer(primed black)
Wroughthammer Rockram(primed black)
Ghordson Basher(half painted)
Driller x2(both primed black)
Thor Steinhammer(primed black)
Ghordson Gunner x3(primed black)
Ghordson Blaster x2 (primed black)

I also finished building a dice tower last night, and am trying to finish up four figs from Reaper's CAV line for someone.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Back in the saddle (so to speak)

I didn't have a whole lot of painting or hobby time this past week, but I did get at least something done:

Okay, I did get some painting done too:

The terrain is a Space Hulk board, made using Hirst Arts blocks. I plan on painting it up, but I am not certain if I will keep it, or get rid of it just yet. I have the molds to redo it as many times as I want, but I am running low on Ultracal 30, so that is a consideration.

Anyway, I am hoping to finish up the three jacks in a couple of days, but I will confess that I fully expect to be distracted once again by the middle of the week. Why? Well, the friendly mail carrier will be leaving several packages, one of which will contain Wrath, a long-overdue Merc deck, and a box of the Ogrun Assault Corps. And, within a day or so of that, I will be getting one of the Rhulic casters (Madhammer, IIRC), and a bunch of Rhulic jacks. And thus, I will have a 35 pt Merc army - and so, the only faction for which I will not be able to field 35 points will be Legion. And it's next. I hope to hit 35 in Legion by the end of July - which leaves me the rest of the year to get each faction up to 50. Some are already done, and others need only a unit or two. They may not be competitive, but that's another matter.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nothing new, sorry

Went dark there for a bit - went out of town for a family matter for much of the tail end of the week, and did not get any painting done.

The goal for this week is to get base colors onto the Cygnar battlebox, and work on the Khador battlebox as well. Three guesses what I want to use them for, and the first two do not count.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

No pics needed for this one

I'm not going to take pics of it, but on Sunday I finished with the assembly of the plastic Cygnar battlebox (the one I got Saturday), as well as the Firefly, and a magnetized Cygnar heavy. All of them (except the heavy) got primed yesterday.

I haven't settled on a paint scheme for my Cygnar yet. My Skorne are in PP colors and my gators are in fairly normal colors. My trolls, however, are green (using the fluff from the Monsternomicon as my guide), and my Khador are going to be painted using Vallejo Soviet WWII colors, not reds.

I've got some other stuff this week to assemble as well, and the weather outside is hot enough to give me a good excuse to paint in the nice cool basement, instead of mowing the lawn.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

A road trip and a delivery

Earlier this week, despite having no power, I placed an order for a few Warmachine items - Khador & Cygnar decks, pButcher, and the plastic Cygnar starter. I find the decks handy for stats when I proxy models, and they're useful for Vassal games as well. Eventually, I wind up with a bunch of surplus cards, which I can give to new players.

Anyway, today I had planned a road trip to a possible new FLGS. Right now, no store in my little corner of Michigan stocks Warmahordes. So, on Thursdays, I had been making the trek to the east, traveling an hour or so (each way) to game. Today, I headed west, to another possible store, about 30 minutes away. He doesn't stock Warmachine (yet), but he does have open table space, so a few of us tried to meet up for a game or two.

I managed to get in a couple battlebox games (Cryx v. Menoth, Cygnar v. Menoth), and had a lot of fun. There were only two of us, but a couple of other players might manage to show up next week, and we talked up the game to a couple of people who stopped and watched what we were doing. And, as an added plus, when I got home, my new toys were waiting for me.

I didn't get any painting done tonight, but plastic Stryker is assembled, a Firefly and the Defender are half done as well. Got a few other bits and pieces of things trimmed, but no other assembly of note. Spent too much time looking over the Menoth and Khador decks, I think. And my wish list grew by just a little, honest.

Friday, June 3, 2011

The advantage of army ADD

Since I haven't gotten much time to paint in the last couple of days (stupid lawn keeps needing mowing - every summer, I wonder how much it would be to turn the entire yard into a parking lot), I thought I would write about how army ADD has some advantages.

Sure, I lack focus. Sure, I don't master any one army. Sure, it gives me a giant pile of lead in the basement that sits there, lurking in the dark, slowly growing and causing the earths crust to deform in a way that will eventually result in a new fault line being created. But, it means that, when going through secondary sales locations (like bartertown or ebay), I can almost always find a great deal. Eventually, yes, I need to make more targeted purchases, but since I had planned on picking up Legion of Everblight stuff anyway, a random lot of someone else's extra Legion stuff at a steep discount is a good thing.

My Warmachine/Hordes goal for 2011 is to have a 50 point playable (though not necessarily competitive) army for every faction, including Mercs and Minions, in both system. Right now, I know I can field that for Skorne, Trollbloods, Cryx, Retribution and Gators. I think I can with Cygnar, Menoth, and Circle. Khador, Mercs and Legion all need some work, but it's certainly more doable, even if I had to start from scratch.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Gaming philosophy

I plan on writing a longer post about this (at some point when I have less blood in my caffeine system), but, at the moment, I think I can sum up my gaming philosophy with this quote from the Privateer Press forums:

"The objective of the game is to win. The point of the game is to have fun. The two should never be confused." - Not Dice