Tuesday, April 23, 2013

AdeptiCon, part I

I have to go through the pics and what not. I did not take as many as I had thought, but I still want to put them into some kind of order.  With that in mind, let's start at the beginning.

Thursday morning, I got up and drove to AdeptiCon, stopping along the way to pick up my two co-conspirators.  We got to the con around noon - later than I had wanted, but we were delayed by the contents of Lake Michigan being dumped (as rain) onto the tri-state tollway.  Apparently, not only did part of 294 get closed down, but a sinkhole in the Chicago area swallowed three cars.  Fun times.

At the con, we snagged a parking spot, and went in to get our bags.  I had made the first 1k bags, but the other two did not.  I wound up with a Cygnar starter, a Con miniature, a FoW tank, an anthropomorphic animal of some sort, and some other random things.  I traded off my BF coupon for the WWExodus fig that one of the other guys got.  I didn't plan on picking up any Battlefoam products, but I wanted that fig.

We went to our hotel (about half a mile away), and killed time until late afternoon.  Jake took the time to paint some of Kenny's Legion stuff, and I dozed for a bit.  Mainly, we were just marking time until the stuff we wanted to do started in earnest.

About 5, we headed over to the con to hit the Iron Arena, only to find that the room was not ready yet.  Some of the pressgangers got pressganged into helping set up the room.  Or we volunteered, whichever version you prefer.  As a bonus, we got to see the new Convergence figs, and 3Lylyth and the Mammoth, without the glass in the way.  I took a couple of pics, and yes, I will post them, although by now everyone should have seen them.

We all played in some Iron Arena games that night.  I was trying to remember how to play my list, and it was not going well.  Had fun anyway, earned some skulls, and we made it an early night, since (1) I had Hardcore Friday morning; and (2) I had the car keys.

Friday morning - after a quick run and breakfast, we all headed back to the con.  I checked in for Hardcore, and the other two started playing Iron Arena.  The less said about Hardcore, the better.  I was running a Terminus list, and, for various and sundry reasons (known as lack of models and lack of practice), it was tier, but I had a Kraken in it.  I scored a bye on the first round, got dropped by an Archidon at the top of turn 2 in the second round.  I could claim ignorance of the Archidon and eMakeda, but the fact is that I was playing poorly, and left a nice hole for it to drop into.  A couple of lucky rolls, and it was game.

Round 3 was better, but I died to a Gorax (IIRC) that got moved via stones into a space cleared for him.  I did a better job protecting my caster, but I forgot the cardinal rule of dealing with stones - kill one.  One unit may have the UA who grants stealth, but the second might have been in range of the Kraken's long gun.  My bad.

Round 4 actually went to dice down, but I lost to Tony Faber, running a Cyngar list.  I want to say it was eHaley, but I would not swear to it.  I was getting a little demoralized at that point - it was a good game, but it had been a disappointing morning, to say the least.

Still - I know full well that I need to play more events, more hardcore, more tourneys.  And lose at them.  If I keep it up, and actually play more often, I should get better.  So, now I have a goal to beat for next year, right?

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