Thursday, May 2, 2013

And now for something completely different

I've been reading a lot of the Convergence spoilers lately, and I will have some thoughts on them once I actually have the stats in hand, so instead I am going to randomly post the stuff that I should have coming down the pipe at me, demanding that I paint them:

First off, my Reaper bones order.  I jumped in on the Kickstarter for the project, and, when it arrives, I should be looking at approximately 250 minutes or so - Vampire plus the Sophie plus Cthulhu plus some extra dragons.  I should see that in the next month or so.

Later this year, I should be getting my figs from Relic Knights.  I could go back and do the model counts, but the number is somewhere between 50 and 100 figs.  I should also be seeing my Rivet Wars models, just over 100 of them.  And, my Wild West Exodus stuff will arrive - somewhere about 50 models.

That's a lot.  But I also have a Galleon on the way, a Ragman on back order, a full unit of steelhead riflemen, a couple of razor boars, and I'll be gaining probably 5-15 more warlocks/warcasters by mid-June.  Plus (hopefully) the initial release of CoC.

And, depending on some trades, I might still jump in on the Robotech kickstarter.  And I have some other figs that I want to pick up - some Firestorm Armada, possibly one of the MERCS squads, a few Malifaux figs. . . .

I really should get painting now.

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