Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Quick update

So, by the time anyone reads this, I will have primed the first test figures from my Bones stuff - 6 rats.  Yeah, rats.  They're simple, small, easy to paint, etc.  Great quick figs, and it makes a noticeable dent in the pure numbers.  I plan on keeping some of the figs in reserve, as it were, so that when I get bogged down on painting some of the fighters or something, I can bang out four of the skeletons or something, and feel like I have really accomplished something.

Anyway, I'm going to start following this blog.  Basically, the author is going to be painting an entire Vampire order (I think, though there may be some extras as well) and posting the figs along the way.  It's more ambitious than anything I am doing. . . .

On a random, army altaholic note - I might wind up picking up Infinity.  And, while I did not get a chance to play a demo of it at AdeptiCon, Deep Wars looked really interesting, so I may check it out.  And at some point, once the rules are out, I will probably pick up a gang for Wreck Age (which I did get to play at AdeptiCon, and thoroughly enjoyed).  The common theme of the games is, of course, that they are all small skirmish games; smaller even than Warmahordes.  I can afford to pick up those, but adding another big army or five has kept me (thus far) from Hail Caesar, Pike and Shotte, Black Powder or Bolt Action

Of course, that has not stopped me from adding labels for all of the games above, as I write this post. . . .

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