Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Quick note on Robotech

Robotech Tactics has been on my mind lately, in part because Palladium has made noises about changing from the current 6mm scale to 15mm scale.  Sure, because that will fix problems.  Except that then price structure, game play, terrain, inter-era compatibility, etc are all thrown out the window.

Anyway, on Beasts of War, they announced that the scale won't be changing. I'm glad the scale isn't changing - I probably would have dumped the game at that point.  I've been putting together a lot of Malifaux minis lately, which has helped put some of the RT stuff back in perspective.  Yan Lo has a goatee - which is separate from the head, and has to be glued on.  One of the Oiran has three pieces for the head - the back, the face, and, in between them, a staple-shaped piece that is part of her hair or something.  Each of those are as annoying as some of the RT models - but I am only doing a couple of them.  The RT models were annoying for a bit, but after four or five Zentradi pods, something clicked and they got easier.  (I'm not saying easy, mind you, just easier.  Still haven't done enough Veritechs for them to get easier though.)

Individually, the RT aren't the worst I have had to put together; it's just the number of them needed that really makes it a problem.

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