Saturday, March 2, 2013

Another brief update

Brief, since company is still here.  I managed to sneak a few minutes of painting time on the Kraken this morning.  I'm hoping to have a lot of it done in the next few days.  It may wind up being the linchpin of my army, simply because it is big and beefy and takes up a good chunk of a 50 point list.

On the Lost hemisphere epic extreme unloved model model challenge, I was given the following message:

*SOMEONE* had the nerve - THE NERVE! - to call me out on the FB group... This affront cannot go unpunished!!! Well, actually, it can, let's face it, but nonetheless...  Welcome aboard, Warlord Garou. Given your openness to play any faction, and the very neat fact that we're reasonably balanced across the board in terms of factions (with the exception of Protectorate, who have a teeny lead), I'm going to turn your fate over to the Wheel...

It spins... and spins... and spins... and says.... SKORNE!

Ooh, spikes and pain and stuff in your future... but which warlock??

It spins... and spins... and spins... and says... LORD ASSASSIN MORGHOUL!

I hereby appoint you the task of assembling the Imperial Executioners...Bloodrunners ahoy!
It should be fun.  If I want to follow T3, then I lose access to almost all of the classic Skorne heavies.  Oh heck, I do lose access to them - no Molik, no gladiator, no bronzeback.  It should be a challenging army to play.  I look forward to losing with it, after AdeptiCon.  (Actually, I'll probably alternate between this and Cyriss for a good chunk of the year, and then see what happens when fall comes around.)

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