Monday, March 25, 2013

Need to take some pics

Work progresses on my AdeptiCon stuff.  The Deathjack has been primed, and I have begun the base colors on him.  Kraken is a little more along than he had been, though I have neglected my infantry.  I wanted to have Terminus primed and started by tonight, but it did not happen.  He's close to that point, fortunately.  The skarlock thrall is done, but not based.

I'm not worried too much about basing my models.  I have to have it done in time, obviously, but I should be able to base everything in a single weekend afternoon, if I have to.  I'm hoping to be nearing army completion (well, of at least the tier force, where I have less flexibility) by this time next week.  That would give me some time to finish up the Malifaux figs, and to work on a display board for my Cryx,.

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