Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Great Work has run into a snag.

My Cipher appear to be missing one of  the spikes for the piston spikes.  Not to worry - I have a heavy kit, and I think that I will have at least one dedicated model of each heavy.  So, since I wasn't planning on magnetizing that kit, I cannibalized that part.  The Cipher is thus almost as assembled as the one shown at the beginning of the painting guide in NQ 48.  I won't be using the studio scheme, most likely, but now that I have the models in hand, I think I will only do partial assembly en route to getting them fully painted.

The Galvanizer and Mitigator are in process of assembly.  I figure, if I have the buzzsaw attached to one, they can be told apart, which will suffice for tomorrow night.  I might try to pull the Diffuser out and get it started, if time permits.

The reflex servitors are ready for priming, but really, they are one-piece little metal balls.  I took a break and cleaned them up when plastic mold lines were getting to me.  I have several more packages, so I have several more opportunities to teak a break.

Still need to decide what heavy I want to make with the kit.  I have Axis, so Inverter seems like a good choice, but I love the thought of the ellipsaw flinger on the monitor.  I may flip a coin or something - though I will have the other within 6 weeks or so.

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