Monday, December 22, 2014

AdeptiCon breakdown

So, I'm trying to put together a breakdown of what I need to paint for AdeptiCon.  My current count is that I need to have (roughly) the following number of painted models:

Firestorm Armada - 32 models, from dreadnaught down to fighter tokens.  About 3 ships are done, another 8 are almost done, and they actually paint quickly, if I sit down and do it.

Relic Knights - About 22 models, maximum.  I'm only planning on taking one faction, and just playing some games for fun.  They should paint quickly enough, for the most part.

The remaining 250 models is all for Warmachine and Hordes, though it is split among three (four, depending on how I count minions) different factions.  I plan on playing only one of them competitively; the others are all for pickup games in the Iron Arena.  As I said, most of the models are at some point of completion, and that 250 count actually includes about 20-30 models which are done.  I have another 30 or so that are actually almost done, with final touches and basing being the main obstacles. 

I am hoping to make a serious dent on it between now and the beginning of the year, although much of the work will concentrate on simply getting everything to the point of having some paint on it, as much as possible, even if it means that I do not actually finish anything during that time period.

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