Thursday, December 4, 2014

Kings of War

The Kings of War (2nd edition) Kickstarter is done, but I jumped in with a pledge in the final few hours.  Right now, I am in for the God of War pledge, which will get me the rulebook(s), plus all the stretch goals.  Now (well, before the pledge managers goes live), I need to decide if I am going to go for one mega army or two army deals.  I am leaning toward the Abyssal mega army, simply because, thanks to some Bartertown trades, I have a small elf force in hand, and possibly an ogre force in the next couple of days. A friend is going to piggyback on my pledge, so there should be 4-6 armies between the two of us, which is more than enough to get some of the locals playing.

On a related, KS note - the Reaper CAV models are shipping, and mine are on their way.  I will probably get it before USPS updates their tracking info, which seems to be the usual case.  And I have a parts order from PP on its way.  It's like Christmas, except that they are all gifts to me.

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