Thursday, January 22, 2015

I've been away too long

I missed about a week, since I went to the other side of the country to run a couple of races.  TSA pretty much frowns on taking paint, glue, and x-acto knives on planes, so I did not have the chance to do anything while I was gone.  I'm back, and painting again, although nothing is actually getting finished.

AdeptiCon is closing in, and less than 60 days away.  So, how did I work on my Convergence tonight?  I didn't.  I spent some time working on another unit of Gatormen.  OKay, I did get a Galvinizer mostly assembled, and tomorrow I will get it built, and another one or two besides that.  Friday, I should have a good three hour block of hobby time, although I might put it to use making terrain for the FLGS.  The former directly benefits me, the latter seems more appropriate, since I am trying to push WM/H at the FLGS, and having some non-40k terrain would be a plus.

Saturday, I am running a Steamroller, so it's a big block of hobby time, although probably not much painting, since I need to be ready to put things down and not come back to them within a moment or two.  My Cephalyx has a few boxes that need assembly, and I could always try to assemble some Robotech Tactics as well.

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