Friday, January 9, 2015

So, how's that resolution going?

It's nine days into January, so surely I have a couple of models painted, even if I am behind, right?


No.  I'm behind.  A combination of working on a pinewood derby car and a couple of snow days put some major crimps in my painting time.  I'm working on things, but nothing much has actually been getting done.  Next weekend is already spent, so to be honest, I am hoping to round out the month with possibly only 10-12 models painted.  Feb can (and will) be a catch-up month, but right now, I am working on more "getting base colors on," rather than "hey, this model only needs some detail work and basing in order to be finished."

As to why I am not painting now - I am waiting for some base coats to dry, so that I can move them off my ready/active queue and clear the space for more models.  Not much I can do to speed that up.

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