Saturday, February 14, 2015

Not much progress this week

Just a very busy week.  I had hoped to get more done, but twas not to be.  On the other hand, I got both units of plastic drudges together, except for one that was missing a part - not sure if I will greenstuff one, or request a replacement.  It's just part of the loincloth, so that shouldn't be that hard.

I took stuff to the FLGS last night, so I could get something done while my son played in Friday Night Magic.  He lost his games, but had fun, and I got some base colors on a bunch of models.  It was a good use of two hours, and I really need to make bringing the paints a staple of my Friday night kit, instead of just taking a book.

The list of models to finish isn't really shrinking, but more models are assembled, primed, base colors and so.  I'll probably follow my usual progression here - work, and work, and work, and nothing is actually finished.  And then, over the space of a couple days, forty or fifty models move from "still need detail and touch-up work" to "finished and sealed."  I'm a lot more optimistic about two of the factions, though my poor piggies may have to fall by the wayside this year.  (I may take them, especially if there is a strong rumor that the Meat Thresher will be there, but they may not hit the table if it is not there.)

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