Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Where does the time go?

Aaargh!  The last week went by far too quickly.  A lot of that time was spent prepping for a Miniature Wargaming Day at the local FLGS (BC Comix in Battle Creek.  Check them out on Facebook.)  We wound up having Warmachine, Hordes, Malifaux, Firestorm Armada, High Command, and Robotech Tactics all being demoed and played.  Since I was the only one with Robotech Tactics minis, I spent the last week assembling them. 

You may have heard that the minis are overly complicated, that the sprues aere messed up and sometimes make no sense, that the instructions aren't the greatest.  Some of this is true, some is exaggeration.  The Regult and the Glaug?  Not a problem.  The Spartan and Phalanx?  Not an issue.  The Veritech?  Frustration multiplied by pain and taken the power of exasperation.  I got almost everything assembled, but it wasn't fun.  Now back to assembling, priming and painting WM/H for AdeptiCon, with some Malifaux and FSA added to the mix.

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