Monday, November 21, 2011

Domination thoughts

SO, I finished up NanoWriMo - it's 50k words of garbage (50,089, to be precise, although it may still get added to between now and the end of the month), so I can turn some attention to Domination.

I have not read all of the fluff yet, but it seems pretty good so far. I have been warned that attempting to read "All War is Deception, part II" without reading the faction intros is a Bad Idea, so I have not read it yet. For now, I am just going to give a couple of thoughts on each faction:

  • Jarl, eGrissel - I'll get both, but I will probably use Jarl more.
  • Storm Troll - so, so wrong. I think I need to pair him with Mulg.
  • Scattergunner Off & Std - scattergunners got useful. They'll be more fun, and I am glad that I have a full unit already.
  • Rok - seems okay, but I wasn't wowed. Need to think about him some.
  • Sons of Bragg - I don't care how effective they are, they just look fun.
  • War Wagon - about what I expected.

  • Grayle, eBaldur - I like eBaldur, and will use him. I like the Devourer's Debt mechanic.
  • Griffon, Winter Argus - okay, but I don't play Circle enough to really see something nasty about them. They don't seem bad, they just don't seem to be great.
  • Ghetorix - I think he will be fun, but his point cost seems a bit high. Again, I don't play Circle, so take that with a grain of salt.
  • Gallows Grove - cheap, and I can see using them as a way to shut down tough and healing. Nice art, too.
  • Celestial Fulcrum - beautiful model, the "may not be placed" is kind of a pain though.


  • Naaresh, eHexeris - Naaresh doesn't have issues, he has entire subscriptions. eHexeris will be fun.
  • Cyclops Raider - Far Strike as an animus? Be still my beating heart. Pity is is model, not unit, but that's okay.
  • Venator Slingers - AoE with corrosion? Cheap? I think I need some.
  • Archidon - I like him. No real armor for a heavy, but flight and critical pitch will be fun, and he is cheap.
  • Tiberion - Xerxis has a new best friend. Can't wait for this big guy.
  • Animantarax - I like it. I think it will be fun, but it will be a harder battle engine to use than the Khador war wagon, I suspect.

Legion of Everblight

  • Kallus, eVayl - Kallus looks like fun, and his fluff is great. eVayl seems solid, and her feat is pretty useful, but tricky. Order of spells will matter there.
  • Nightlurker - seems useful, but I like the animus more than the stat line.
  • Succubus - decent warlock attachment, nothing special, IMO.
  • Proteus - not a big fan of the "everything on a carnivean chassis" sculpt, but that's just me fussing after putting together several scythean/carnivean in a row. Would not have been so bad, if I could have used the plastic kits that aren't out yet. Seems nice enough otherwise.
  • Farilor & Std - seem decent, but my legion armies to date have been beast-heavy, infantry light.
  • Throne of Everblight - just weird. Will get one, just to paint it, if nothing else.


  • Maelok -undead gator goodness. Love him.
  • Boneswarm - cheap, terror - fits well in Maelok's theme force too.
  • Swamp Horror - I like it, but I need to think about how best to use the Elasticity animus.
  • Gatorman Witch Doctor - look, I can make gators undead at will. And Maelok's feat positively affects friendly faction undead. Sounds good to me. Want these guys now. Or at least before GenCon.


  • Sturm & Drang - looking forward to playing these guys.
  • Road Hog - need one, just for the roast pork jokes. Assault with a 10" spray is nice too.
  • Slaughterhousers - these have been out for a while, and everyone probably has formed an opinion by now on them.
  • Targ - Dr. Arkadius has a friend. I like him, and he has proven moderately useful the couple of times I have used him.

Anyway - all in all, I liked the book. There are a few thigs that I don't plan on getting as soon as they come out, and others where, if it were feasible, I would camp outside PP and wait for them to be released. The minions are still a sidebar, rather than a faction, but you now have enough options to play them in an unbound game - though your model choices are still really limited, of course. Still, they got about what I expected, although I expected to see one light pig and one light gator warbeast.

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