Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ha! Some painting

No, no pics, because nothing got done, but I did pick up a brush, dip it in some paint, and even apply aforementioned paint to a warmahordes fig. And, I started creating new curse words when I kept dropping those tiny little leg spikes for eThargrosh.

Hoping to get in a game tomorrow - heading for the FLGS, will be taking paints, etc, so that even if I don't play, I will get something useful done.

Completely unrelated to gaming - spent some of what little free time I have had lately (curse you, NaNoWriMo!) putting together some model rockets, and this afternoon my son and I went out to launch them. We started with 3 rockets and 10 engines, and ended up with 2 rockets and 2 engines. 8 launches, 7 recoveries, and 1 lost to a gust of wind and a rocket-eating tree. Fun times though.

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