Thursday, November 8, 2012

Curse you, NaNoWriMo!

Okay, so I haven't said anything here in a few days.  I blame NaNoWriMo for that - I'm behind on my word count, and trying to get caught back up and ahead.  Pity the words here won't count.

So, for my October painting, in the "Tale of Warmahordes 2012" challenge, I finished this:

Woldwarden (9 pts).

I noticed a couple of slight touch-ups that I need to do, but really, I could base and seal it today.

I had a stalker that was almost completely finished on the 30th, and then, when looking at something else for reference, came across a pic of someone else's stalker model. With the legs attached differently. Instead of confirming that mine were correct, I tossed into the pine-sol. The good news is that (1) I had it assembled correctly, and (2) it's still assembled, but now I have to repaint it.

According to the Google docs file that is keeping track of such things,  I have painted 95 pts for the year, and used one of my "Get Out of Painting Free" cards to date.  I wanted to gain it back last month, but failed. 

I should get some painting time in today, once I get at least 2000 words written.  As I said, I am behind, and trying to catch up and get ahead, since the end of the month gets crazy, what with the whole ritual of turkey sacrificing and scooping the innards out of some innocent gourds.

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