Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Relic Knights update, AdeptiCon too

So, despite my initial misgivings, I went in on the Relic Knights kickstarter.  The kickstarter ended a while ago, but they finally have the full pledge manager up, and I put in my pledge.  I had made more than I had expected for some of my old gaming stuff, so I went in for more than I probably really needed to have in order to play the game.

The final tally is going to be the Black Diamond, Speed Circuit and Noh sets, plus a couple of the extra bells and whistles.  I thought about picking the Paladins or Corsairs, but went with Noh as a third choice because they have fewer figs. I think the total is only about 70 figs or so anyway, but for some reason, 70 seemed more reasonable than 75 or 80. 

In other news, I managed to register for AdeptiCon next year.  I registered for a couple of Warmachine events, and the Malifaux Gaslight league.  AdepticCon requires everything to be painted to at least 3 color standard, and fully based.  I have 155 days to get everything done.  I think that, since the Hardcore is 1 army list only, I will not be using my Minions - Carver can fare very poorly against Lylyth lists, and Barnabas, while it counters Lylyth pretty well, is too pillow-fisted to deal with Gargossals and certain heavies.  So, I have to choose another faction, make an army or two, test them and paint them.  Plenty of time.

And paint some Malifaux figs as well.  Hopefully, my painting queue is kept to 100 figs or less.  But I have a hard deadline, and I intend to make it.

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