Saturday, February 16, 2013

Long time, no post (again).

It's been a rough month.  Sick kids, Scouts, snow days - all sorts of pesky real life interruptions that interfere with gaming.  I tell you, this Real Life MMORPG needs some tweaks.  The quests are weak, the rewards often incomprehensible (or worthless when you try to sell them), and the mods (who apparently are called "police") mete out pretty harsh penalties if you try to camp in a likely area.

Anyway - not much has actually gotten finished in the last two weeks.  That's the bad news.  The good news is that a lot of things have been worked on.  The bile thralls are coming along nicely, the kraken is here and at least partially assembled, the rest of the revenant stuff should be assembled before the weekend is through.

My demo board has largely languished, which is not good, since the demos are a week from today.  I would be working on them right now, except that the basement needs to air out, since I took a heat gun to the foam to give it some texturing.  Good idea, and I had a mask, but I still need to give my space time to clear out.

We had six players today at L&J as well.  Good to see that the community is finally getting some traction.

Lastly - since the beginning of the month, I have acquired eSkarre, Venethrax, pGoreshade, Mortenebra, 3Gaspy, and Scaverous.  That will almost wrap up the Cryx casters.  I should be getting a Rask in the next few days as well. 

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