Thursday, September 12, 2013

Lucy, you got some 'ssembling to do

Admit it, you read that in Ricky Ricardo's voice.

I haven't painted anything lately, but I have been adding to the collection.  I'm still working toward my goal of having all of the available 'casters & 'locks by the end of the year, and the other day, I added McBain, Reznik, Thyra, Vindictus, and both Kruegers.  I also have a Prime Axiom waiting for me to pick up tomorrow.  (I also added a couple more units of Clockwork Angels, because I am a glutton for punishment.)

Hopefully I can get some of the yard work done in the next few days, to free up time to actually assemble this stuff before the next batch of stuff lands in my lap in early October.  (More Convergence stuff, plus I am thinking about getting into Dropzone Commander.  I really enjoyed playing Epic, back in the day, and this may scratch that same itch.)

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