Sunday, October 6, 2013

Nothing in almost a month

But that's because I did not game for almost a month.  No miniatures, no RPGs, etc.  I barely painted. Too much Real Life on my plate, and not enough time for goofing off with my hobbies.  But, things are easing up, and I have picked up both brush and dice again (though not at the same time).  I have done some painting over this last week, and even got in a game with my Convergence yesterday.  (I lost.  My opponent left an opening for an assassination, and I could not roll a 10 on either of the 3d6 attacks.  If I had hit him with one, he was dead.)

I did pick up some DeepWars models, and have been cleaning out the basement of junk, so there is that.  And I do plan on doing more painting today - I have so many almost-finished models that it makes me vaguely ill, since I have a bunch more coming soon, and need to clear the space.

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