Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tourney yesterday

So, I wound up running a SR tourney yesterday.  As was usual, I do allow people to borrow from my collections, with the understanding that (1) it's nothing that I am already planning on using (not a problem when I am running an event, obviously), (2) it's first-come, first-served, and (3) I need a little bit of lead time to actually find the figs, since I am not going to bring everything I own each week.

Anyway, several people asked about models, and, as I was searching, I became increasingly frustrated.  A lot of my collection has gotten intermingled ("You got your Menoth in my Retribution!  You got your Retribution in my Menoth!"), and, since a lot of it is either bare metal or primed, it takes longer, and is more frustrating, to find figures than it should be.

My solution is to start spending some time trying to get base colors on as many figs as possible, while I am also working at sorting out each faction and getting them into their own KR Multicase, Sabol case, or whatever.  So I took a bunch of stuff yesterday, and during the rounds, I got the base green down on a dozen or two Retribution figs.  I'll hit them with the green wash today, and try to green up a bunch more of them.  They're pretty low-hanging fruit, since they have a fairly easy base color scheme, but it will remove a lot of visual clutter when it comes to looking for non-Retribution models.

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