Saturday, August 16, 2014

Thank goodness sumer is almost over.

No, I haven't posted in weeks.  I had Scout camp, then a couple days at home, and then 10 days (and better than 2000 miles) worth of road trip.  Sadly, GenCon did not figure into that at all.

But, I am back at home, summer is almost over (so the kids go back to school soon), I have plenty of plasticard on order, a cutter, a few building designs, and a bunch of credit at a game store.  September should be a nice relaxing time.

By relaxing, I mean completing designs on a dozen buildings and making at least one well-assembled copy of each, painting up a bunch of 15mm Soviets and Germans, maybe buying some 15mm ACW figs (thanks to a Gettysburg visit), and painting up several FSA fleets.  Actually, that does sound kind of relaxing. . . .

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