Tuesday, August 19, 2014

No GenCon swag

since I did not go, but I do have some gaming goodies en route to me anyway.  Thanks to a ninja, and the nice folks at Privateer, I have the Ram mug, shirt, Ram pins and the bather model all either coming to me via mail or being picked up later this week.

I also have the new FoW rules on their way, plus some other assorted goodies (not sure what - he tossed them in as a bonus.)  They're coming with some Germans, but those are going to a friend.

I have several hundred bases coming from Litko.  Someday, someday, I will have a laser of my very own, and will simply cut a few hundred bases whenever I need them, but until then, I will have to buy them from time to time.

I need the bases because I have a copy of Longstreet coming, plus about 60 infantry.  I plan on using proxy bases and growing this slowly, since it is not a main game for our group.  That same shipment will also have five or six DBA armies.  I don't play DBA, but I paint them, and that works for me.

I have some more Firestorm Armada stuff coming - basic Terrans and Dindrenzi.  I really need to finish more of what I have before they arrive.

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