Monday, October 3, 2011

Haven't painted in a few days

But I have been working on stuff. The AFG is now primed, although I haven't touched the three battle mage guys that surround it yet. Half of the winter guard rifles have been trimmed, assembled and primed, as well as pIrusk. I have started assembly on the raek and the gun carriage, and done some trimming on the nephilim and the angelius.

I plan on starting some painting tonight, but I also want to keep working on the assembly and priming process. I also want to sort stuff out a bit better, so that I have a couple 35-pt armies to take with me, as well as the various battlebox armies.

And, while it is not progress per se, I have been soliciting suggestions on the forum for a 35-pt Shae or Bart army, so that I can field any faction, any contract. Once I can field Talion at 35 points, I plan on going back and bulking up my mercs with some steelheads, another jack or two, getting a couple of beasts and another two units for circle, and then going back to my Cryx for a while, because the forces of evil need some lovin' too.

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