Sunday, October 9, 2011

Really need to start taking pics

Since I don't generally sit down to paint with a plan in mind (other than, "Okay, I have an hour or so, so I'd better get something accomplished"), I can't really take before and after pics. But I am thinking that maybe I should start taking a pic of what I have been working on lately, because that way, I can (1) prove to my readers that I am getting things painted; and (2) prove to myself that I am getting things painted.

Tonight, I worked on the Winter Guard units. And put base colors on the harriers and the raek. Did some assembly work on eThag. Got the gun carriage assembled and primed, except for the horses. Greenstuffed the last two slaughterhousers, the nephilim, and the seraph. And worked on a couple of other things. Visually, it actually would have been a nice before and after series, since going from bare metal to base colors is a pretty big change, whereas nights where I do detail work, it can be very hard to see any signs of progress at the end of the evening.

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  1. You know what they say on the Internet.

    Girl = Guy in Real Life.

    Oh wait, I mean, pics or it didn't happen.