Sunday, October 6, 2013

Got something done

But no pics to prove it.  The Prime Axiom is slowly being assembled, and I hope to start priming parts of it by tomorrow or Tuesday.  I got a storm troll assembled, and he can be primed tomorrow.  I'll even take a pic of him to prove it.   I haven't painted anything yet today, but I did spend a fair amount of time cleaning up my gaming crap in the basement, and even sat at the desk and thought about painting - so that should count for something, right?

I really need to start thinking about AdeptiCon and other cons next year.  I liked the idea of using a con to force me to field a fully painted army, and plan on doing it again in 2014.  I just don't know what Convergence models will be out by then - if enough are out, my CoC stuff might be competitive (not in my hands, mind - in the hands of someone better.)  If most of my tools are not yet released, then I will have a problem doing better than my miserable showing this year.

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