Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer stinks

Summer is much busier than the school year, so I get little done.  I have been getting in some games, though not many, and my main Convergence list is having some real problems with the Miserable Meat Mountain, which sounds like some sort of personal problem, but really does reflect the difficulties of dealing with a bunch of 8 wound, Tough models.  The fact that my first roll of the game yesterday was triple 1s pretty much set the tone.  I conceded, just because he would have had to roll sub-average with 4 weaponmasters to not kill Syntherion, and that was without using the mauler to finish him off. 

Still painting, though almost nothing has been done lately.  I do have a lot of WIP minis that are getting close.  Very few are WM (enough to stay current in the painting challenge), but I am trying to get rid of some of the Spartan Games stuff that I have picked up, and maybe knock some 15mm WWII stuff out of the way.  It may not get used as much, but it will help break up the rut and have me thinking I can actually make a dent in things.

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