Monday, July 28, 2014

Wargaming in 6 rules

From a challenge on TMP:

1) Every figure has a stat line; at least one player must assert that a stat (cost, morale, move, etc) is grossly incorrect.

2) Each side rolls xd6, where x is the number of figures in a unit/stand.

3) Argue that the other player scooped up the dice before an accurate count could be made.

4) Argument devolves into argument over miniatures having incorrect uniforms or paint jobs.

5) If you are friends, flip a coin to determine winner and retire to friendly drinks.

6) If you are casual acquaintances or enemies, begin fistfight or verbal argument, culminating in storming off or table flip, with no rinks afterwards.

I'm pretty sure that covers most miniatures games, actually.

It may not be playable, though (if you are friends, it is) but it's probably a fairly accurate simulation.

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