Saturday, October 27, 2012

Belated post from yesterday

So, no post last night, because we were playing the IKRPG.  More on that on another post.  And soon.  Anyway, yesterday was a banner day for adding to my collection of gaming stuff.

First, I got the first bit of swag from some of the kickstarters that I have backed.  The Reaper Bones stuff I am getting in one massive shipment sometime in late spring.  The Traveller one has been pushed back to January or so, due to printer delays.  The Relic Knights one has yet to send out the final survey for rewards, so late spring 2013 for them, I expect.  And, while the Ogre kickstarter has been delayed to early January, I did get my "I made Steve Jackson work on Car Wars" shirt yesterday.  So that was cool.

Second, I got a copy of Super Dungeon Explore, and the new No Quarter.  Not in time to really read the adventure in it before running IKRPG, but enough time to flip through it.  Anyway, I added however many figs come in SDE to my collection.  Someday I'll paint them.  Honest.  Really.  Trust me.

Third, I finished up, and dropped off, a full Space Hulk basic board, made from Hirst Arts bricks.  The recipient was a bit preoccupied with something else, but I'm going to be getting one of the new 40k sets out of it, which is going to add another 50 models or so to my collection.  I might try to swap the Marines for Chaos - I have scads of marines already, but no chaos.  It's not my "go-to" game by any means, but it's a steady fall-back if I ever need it. 

Last - I have some terrain projects that I want to wrap up soon.  I want to get them done, and get them gone - so that I have money for some more Malifaux figs, and some Warmahordes stuff that I have had my eye on for a while.

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