Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Motivation, but almost no painting

I have been spending a lot of time in the basement lately, working on stuff, but very little of it has been painting.  While I have worked on a couple of models, I haven't actually finished anything.  Instead, I have been pouring the plaster for one of the starship corridor sets from Hirst Arts.  And one of the Star Wars sets.  And parts of two more Star Wars sets.  Plus about four other molds.

Or, put another way - I have been pouring something to the tune of 16 to 18 molds, twice per day.  Or more.  I've pretty much lost count at this point.  But, the starship corridor set (aka Space Hulk board) is almost done - I want to have it done by Friday morning, so that it can get out of the house.  (It's trade for one of the new 40k box sets.)  Then I start work in earnest on assembling the Star Wars sets - they are actually harder than the Space Hulk one.

And yes, I am going to get something painted for this month, though it won't be much.  Bubba probably won't be done until the middle of next month.  But, soccer is winding down, as are some other activities - so I will have Saturdays free once more, and can start losing with my various armies again.

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