Monday, October 29, 2012

Quick morning post

Just a quick one this morning, though I hope to have a longer one sometime this afternoon or evening.  Anyway, as a reward, yesterday my so nand I went to a train show - model trains, where people have set up layouts, and are selling old (ie, used, sometimes abused) stuff.  The son is really into model trains, and I like working on layouts, which are basically wargaming terrain that never actually suffers the abuse of being played with.

Anyway, for some time, I have been looking for a cheap, O-scale steam locomotive.  (Warmahordes players know why.)  To date, I have had no luck.  Or rather, I have found plenty that would work, but I just did not want to pay $40 or $50 for something that I would have to convert and would only see play in a fairly small group of scenarios.

But yesterday I found a nice O-scale loco and tender for only $12.  So I snapped it up, and tonight I plan on making some sketches and working out how I can fit it into the Iron Kingdoms milieu.  I have the loco, I have the plasticard, and I have the superglue.  I can rebuild it, better than it was before. Better, faster, stronger.  Or something like that.

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