Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Random IKRPG thoughts

Okay, so it's not technically miniature gaming, but since (1) the Iron Kingdoms RPG is based entirely off the Warmachine/Hordes games; and (2) the combat system really calls for miniatures; and (3) it's my blog, and I'll blog what I want to, blog what I want to. . . sorry, flashback to an old song there.

Anyway, the first thing is the character creation mechanic.  Chose an archetype, choose a race, choose two careers, and you are basically done.  Making a new character is a fairly simple process, and it's a good thing, since combat can be quite vicious, what with mighty characters swinging around weapons, boosting attack and damage, and all that.  You don't have many circles in the life spiral (damage track, just like in Hordes, and very similar to the damage grid in Warmachine), and one good hit can really ruin your night.

Combat is pretty simple as well, though I say this coming from a WM/H background, plus a really extensive RPG background.  IKRPG combat is at least a couple of orders of magnitude easier than Chartmaster (I mean, Rolemaster) or Hackmaster. 

So, I like the game.  I like the background, I like the core system. . . I just didn't care too much for the intro adventure. But, it's an intro adventure, so really, I should not ask too much of it, right?

Ran the intro on Friday for two guys from my normal RPG group and two guys from my WM/H group on Saturdays.  (Actually, both groups are small enough that they really aren't "groups," but I can't think of any good word for a gathering that small.)  My RPG guys had played the adventure before, so I tried to ensure that the WM/H guys got to chose characters, take the lead, etc.  Not always as successful as I would have hoped, but they seemed to enjoy it.

It seemed to me that everyone got along well enough as well.  Granted, only one session, past performance is not indicative of future results, your mileage may very, ask a paid professional, do not attempt, blah blah blah boilerplate.  Anyway, I think everyone wants to make a pirate crew, and go from there.  I hope so - I have been jotting down some ideas, and looking through fluff (in the TT game and in both editions of the RPG), so hopefully everyone actually does want to play.

More later, but it's been a long day, and since I have blown out the jack o'lantern and turned off the porch light, maybe now the little extortionists-in-training will leave in peace for a bit.

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