Friday, October 5, 2012

So, how's that painting working out?

Not so well.  I haven't been managing to average 45 minutes per day - too many interruptions going on.  I have gotten some painting time in, perhaps half of what I would like.  Bubba is . . . well, I'm getting sick of painting those rocky bits, let's put it that way.  Every time I pick him up,  it seems like there are even more of them to paint than I remembered.  If I ever do another one, I will use the airbrush on the rocks, not the skin - there is probably twice as much rock area as skin.

My Rail crew figs are all assembled and primed, with the exception of Willie.  I might try to get him together today.  That's progress, of a sort.

I might get some pics later tonight, once more stuff has been painted.  Otherwise, feel free to post derogatory messages or something.

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