Monday, January 21, 2013

And now for something completely different.

So, on one of the various forums which I frequent, a discussion has started on the old Steve Jackson game, Car Wars.  Car Wars was a great little game initially, which, over a decade and some, grew to encompass not just cars and motorcycles shooting at each other with machine guns, but trikes, buses, helicopters, airplanes, boats, hovercraft, tanks, and eventually even nuclear devices. 

Part of the discussion has been largely a complaint about how hard the old system was, with too many trick ammunition types, a near-constant use of laser-guided rockets and ramplates, and so on.  I will concede that, at a certain point (Tank Wars?  Really?) the game got a little silly, but in my experience, while rockets and ramplates were fairly common, they were not broken.  (I will also concede that both could have benefited from minor tweaks, but that is a far cry from decrying them as broken.)

Anyway, I'm happy that the game will be coming back, sometime later this year or early next, I believe.  I like a little bit of vehicular combat in my gaming rotation, and, while I am generally quite happy with Warlands,  I always enjoyed the vehicle construction process for Car Wars. parts of it were clunky and odd (like, say, tires counting against the maximum chassis weight), but, in general, it worked.

Anyway, cleaning out the basement got me thinking about it, since I found a goodly chunk of my old Car Wars stuff.  Maybe I will see about teaching my son how to play, and pushing some Micromachine cars around a map, making machine gun and laser noises.

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