Friday, January 4, 2013

A new year, a new look for the basement

I haven't posted anything yet this year, but there is some reason for that.  (Please note that I did not call it a good reason.)  I was traveling for the first day, and I have spent some significant amounts of time in the last couple of days dismantling our previous HO layout in the basement.  You would think that a 4' x 8' table would be pretty easy to clear off and take down.

You would be wrong.  I wanted to salvage as much as possible, so I had to pry off the track (which had been both glued and nailed down), gently pack away the buildings, salvage as many trees as possible, and so forth.  Once that was done, I got to confront the reality that I had built that table to hold up to a rambunctious young child - so screws and nails were the order of the day. 

It's finally apart.  I could have saved some time by leaving all the nails and whatnot in the wood, but since the wood will get re-purposed as firewood later this spring, I really did not want to chance random Cub Scouts finding old nails when they rifle through the ashes of a campfire.

So, the table is down.  Now, I have to begin rearranging everything in the basement.  On the plus side, it will really work out better once everything is done.  On the down side, everything is a huge mess right now.

But, my Blackbanes are assembled and primed, and even well on their way toward being finished, thanks to the ridiculously easy ghost scheme I have used for them.  I do need to drill and pin them, but that's for basing, and can be done once they are actually finished.  I hope to work on them briefly at some point today, and have them finished, including basing, by Sunday night.  I'd also like to have all of my Revenant crews primed and ready to go - which might happen.

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