Sunday, November 17, 2013

A new contender emerges.

I'll do another post later, since I played in an SR yesterday, and wound up with an undeserved 2-2 record, but for now, an update on the great race (as I have come to call it):

No word on Wild West Exodus as of yet.  They are shipping, and some people are already getting their copies.  The main delay for them is that the pledge was almost completely customizable, so that no two Wicked pledges were going to be alike.  Still hoping to see it before Thanksgiving.

No word yet on Ogre.  The number of copies shipped to my region of the midwest has not changed in more than a week.  I keep hoping that I will get the shipped notice, but my guess is that I will not see it until the 25th or so.  My current take on it is than an Ogre, a cybernetic tank, several hundred meters long, with nuclear warheads and armor enough to withstand being hit by one, is nonetheless afraid of Detroit.

No word on if Rivet Wars or Relic Knights are actually shipping.  If they start shipping this week, they may actually be contenders.

And, because I am an army altaholic - I am picking up the two-player starter for Dropzone Commander.  It may be here earlier than any of the other four.

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