Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hey look, its another event!

This weekend, I am going to get to take my Convergence to a tourney.  It's four rounds, but if I wind up with a 2-2 record, I will be surprised.  I'm hoping to win at least one, but the reality is that it is a 50 point event, and most of my toolbox is still not out.  I'll play, have fun, and hopefully learn something new, which is all I really am planning on right now.

In some ways, I am trying to think of my playing Convergence as the Warmachine equivalent of a Couch to 5k program.  In the beginning, you don't really feel like you are accomplishing much, but if you stick with it, and pay attention to the lessons you learn along the way, and at the end (say, AdeptiCon 2014), you have learned enough that you won't completely embarrass yourself.

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