Friday, November 15, 2013

The race continues

Still no shipping notice from Ogre orWWX.  Per the daily maps, Ogres - massive, 200 meter long cybertanks with nuclear weapons, are afraid of Michigan.  Or maybe Detroit.  WWX has just started shipping, but at the moment, my money is actually on them.

I understand what SJG wanted to do - they were trying to ensure that the copies of Ogre that had the farthest to go went out the door first.  (The  exceptions were the coasts, where some launch parties were being held - so east & west coast US had first bite of the apple)  Somewhere along the line, the execution of that failed - unless Michigan is closer to Austin, TX than Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, etc.  Neat idea, but I hope they learn something from it before the inevitable Car Wars KS.  (Which I will back, unless the game is so radically changed that I don't recognize it anymore.)

I really need to take a pic.  The Prime Axiom is fully assembled, except for being put on his $%(*$& rock base that looks terrible.  That won't get done until (1) he is fully painted; and (2) I have finished working out how he will "float" (using a clear plastic tube).  But he can be blue-tac'ed on it for tomorrow.

(If I can go tomorrow.  I should be able to, but my car may well be in the shop, since apparently transmissions are important or something.  Who knew, right?)

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