Sunday, November 10, 2013

The good, the primed, and the ugly

Camera is acting up, so pics will have to come later.

So, the good news is that, before yesterday's event, I got all 40 of the obstructors and reductors assembled.  I did not bother to prime all of them, but I did get the bases marked so that I could distinguish between units.  Today, I am priming most of the 40 - I think less than 10 of them were primed.

Now, let me start by saying that yesterday was a blast.  Three of us drove down to Fort Wayne to participate in their 4th annual Breast Cancer Brawl.  It's only 90 minutes away or so, and the chance to pass up a day of Warmachine for a good cause was too hard to resist.

Now, for the one or two readers who don't know how a BCB works, it's basically an open day of WM/H, with some exceptions.  First, you pay an entry fee.  Second, most players have anywhere from one pink model to an entire pink army.  Third, you can pay extra, and buy some cheats.  For example, yesterday, I could by 6 tokens/5 dollars.  Tokens could be used to buy rerolls, cancel the opponents reroll, gain charge speed, etc.

Anyway, I got stomped.  I went 0-4 for the day with my Convergence, although two of the games were close enough that I managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  For another, I ceded too much of the high ground, and it cost me.

I did learn some things.  I enjoyed using my Clockwork angels, and I am trying to learn how to better use my units of infantry.  I have a 50pt SR this coming weekend, where I hope to make a better showing, but I am also very much aware that, at the moment, the Convergence toolbox is basically a hammer and a rusty screwdriver, so some problems are beyond any practical fix.

And that's okay.  I have a full factions; it just is not all out yet.

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