Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tourney results

So, on Saturday, I played ina 50pt SR 2014 beta tourney.  My end record was 2-2,  but there should be a solid * after it, because there are a few caveats.  I put together 2 lists (2nd list optional, but you had to play it if you brought it) - one with Syntherion, one with Axis.  My selection is still pretty limited, so I was running Monitor, Cipher, Prime Axoim, some servitors, one of the light vectors, and a unit each of reductors and obstructors.  (Aurora and the angels are still in pieces, so I could not use them.)

My first match was against Retribution, and I lost it bad.  I made a fairly key tactical mistake (did not line up well, and you can't drag across walls), but the big limitation was my inability (at this time) to deal with some of the stealth targets.  It was a fun fight, with both of us bringing a colossal, but I got outplayed, and deserved to lose.

My second game was against a troll player, and for this one, I snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.  I was winning on CP, I was winning on units and models destroyed, and I got over-eager, and hung Syntherion out too far.  If I had been a little more cautious, I could have won this game.  I had plenty of time on the death clock, and, if I had been more cautious, I would have spent the next turn tearing apart the rest of his army.  Instead, boom.

My third game was against Menoth.  Right now, I do not have enough released for Convergence to deal with the choir very easily.  This changes in December, when I can give out magic weapons for my vectors, but for now, the choir really limits my tactical options.  Fortunately, my opponent made some choices, moved his Judicator too far forward, and out of the range of the choir.  I won, but mainly because he made some pretty bad mistakes.

I won my final game against a Cygnar payer, but I really can't count it either.  He had to leave early, so I won on a forfeit.  I really would have liked to play it through - it looked like it would be a fun game.

So, yeah - I made some bad mistakes, and had some decent attempts at playing well, so I am not entirely dissatisfied with how I played.  I definitely need more practice with Convergence, but the more I play them, the more fun I have with them.  Can't wait until more stuff for them it out - and, looking over the next few months, I won't have to.

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