Friday, January 13, 2017

A long-overdue update

So, the painting is continuing, which is good, because AdeptiCon is 69 days away.  I think I need to finish about 3 models per day, on average, in order to make it.  And no, I will not finish 3 models today.  That's not going to happen.  So, where do I stand?

The Warmahordes model is running a bit behind.  I have the main colors done, and now am doing detail work.  He will be done and mailed on Tuesday, but I will not make tomorrow's post.

The Orc army for Kings of War - all of the axe and great axe minis are assembled.  The boars are put together, but need some hot water and green stuff to get them to work.  Haven't even started on the riders yet.  All foot troops are primed, and I should have skin tones on about 40 of them done today, and move on to armor and fabrics.  Another 20 or so are currently primed black, and I will start on their skin tonight or tomorrow.  Or possibly Sunday - I really could use a couple days where figures really start to look like I am making progress.

SAGA army #1 - Anglo Danes.  I have started on a couple of guys, but it was mainly an excuse to fire up the airbrush and get it working again.  I plan on spending some quality time with these guys in the next week or so, and moving them away from primer white.

SAGA army #2 - Milites Christi.  I haven't done anything with these guys, and that needs to change.  So, again, sometime this weekend, I plan on spending an hour or two putting some paint on them.

Arena Rex - still primed, and they won't be changing for a while.  It is not an AdeptiCon event, so they are kind of low on my priority list.

Guild Ball - I have three teams (though two of them are just starter boxes with an extra model or two), but I am hoping to start block out some paint on the Brewers next weekend or so.

Dystopian Wars - I chose a fleet, and I think I have a paint scheme.  Now, I need to build some armies and start painting.  Fortunately, 1/1200 naval (or whatever the scale is) paint fairly quickly, at least to the 3-color, tabletop standard required by AdeptiCon.

So, my painted models for the year right now is 0 models, and 0 pts for the WM 365 challenge.  With the year already 3% done, and nothing to show for it, I would be worried, except that I think some models will start wrapping up in the next 4-5 days, and then things can really get moving.  And, I haven't actually purchased any models this year, aside from some pre-painted Star Wars X-Wing models.  And those don't count.

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