Thursday, January 5, 2017

So, how's it going?

As I said, I have some pretty big short-term painting goals.   How are those progressing?

It could be better, to be honest.  But, the orc troops are now assembled, and will be primed in another day or two.  I've started working on the boars - I have to do some significant green stuff work to get their bodies to fit together properly, but I might have everything at least glued together tonight.  Might even get some of the great axe troops assembled tonight or tomorrow.

On the actual painting front, well. . . . the WM model continues apace, and should be nearly done by the end of the weekend. I have started on some of the SAGA miniatures, mainly just basic color blocking for the chainmail.  Some of them might start looking done-ish in the next few days.  I'm working on a couple of lists for one of the Dystopian Wars fleets, to see how many models I need to paint, and working on a color scheme inspired by WWI naval cammo patterns.  Arena Rex and Guild Ball will be at the back of the queue, but since (1) those are pickup games at AdeptiCon right now; and (2) very low model count, I am ignoring them in favor of the 80-odd SAGA models and 100 or so KoW models that need completing first.

I also want to average one new resin mold per week in 2017, and start selling resin terrain items as a business (etsy store, advertising on TMP and Bartertown, etc) sometime before March.  Need to decide on a DBA name and fill out the paperwork first though.

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